Baby steps, these are satoshis being "streamed" once a minute in a local regtest cluster while listening to a podcast. @podstation is calling the REST API from my LND node from chrome.
Progress is slow, but getting there, eventually there will be a very crude proof of concept being published.
@dave @adam

@dellagustin @podstation @adam This is very impressive work! I'll be glad to help you test your POC when you're ready. Do you envision your users putting the address of their LND node into the settings and podStation interacting with it directly?

@dave @podstation @adam yes, the users will need to add the https address, macaroon for auth and be sure to install any certificate necessary for the https request to work. A lot of work to be honest, but that is what can be done for now.

@dave @podstation @adam
In the future it would be interesting to wrap the node with some gateway software where the node owner can configure some per-client guard rails (i.e. daily quota of sats and list of allowed nodes, or something like that). Lndhub looks like a candidade, but I did not have the time to check that yet.

@dellagustin @dave @podstation Perhaps we can leverage LNPay. They host wallets and have an SDK, which includes keysend!

Although the wallets are custodial at LNPay, this may be a way to bootstrap.

@dellagustin @dave @podstation

I think it has all the bits we need.

Downside is custodial wallets they host.
I have potential solutions for that if we can make it work.

@adam @dave @podstation I created an account on the website and checked the docs. It seems to be a single node where users can create "virtual wallets" on top of it. I imagine that some data is added to the invoices to match the funds with the wallet (when receiving money).
It seems suitable for sending money (so, very comfy for listeners, if they can find a cheap way to transfer funds to this virtual wallet).
Looks like we could use it from the sending side.

@adam @dave @podstation It would be good to know more about what kind of fees are there for the users, since the business model of the tool is not clear to me. Have you guys contacted the person running it already?

@dellagustin @dave @podstation Not reached out yet. Id like to know if it is suitable first.
I'm not focused on the UX at this point, just on the basic functionality.
Same goes for the fees. Let's see if it works first. Sure looks like it.

@dellagustin @dave @podstation I am now in contact with the CEO. Speaking with him Monday. It would be great to have any questions or concerns before then. The obvious is their model, but I suspect fees from channels and routing. It would be a single point of failure for us, but a darned good start to scaling this so more devs can work on the hurdles.

@dellagustin @adam @podstation Strike would be a very straightforward way to get funds over to it. I’ll try it and report.

@podstation @dellagustin @adam Yep. It's out of beta now. i use it to send lightning to my sphinx node to top-up. If you buy BTC with it using a debit card, you can send to any other lightning wallet and it's as close to fee free as possible.

@dave @podstation @adam sounds great, I hope a similar service becomes available outside of the US soon

@dellagustin @dave @podstation BTW, I really dig podstation. I use it during showprep regularly

@dellagustin @podstation @adam It is some work, but not terrible considering it would mean a great deal of autonomy. Something like a node would make the macaroon and cert issue pretty easy.

@dave @dellagustin @podstation They are available for download in the voltage control panel.

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