The company I work for has a dedicated podcast for Open Source - It might be interesting for anyone that wants to get Open Source insights from a corporate / industry perspective:

Our latest The Open Source Way episode 'Open Source at VMware – Key Driver of Innovation' with Dawn Foster is out now! Tune it to learn about
's contribution to & the importance of project & community health.


@dave , @adam , @martin , @js, @brianoflondon and the rest of the podcasting 2.0 community, just wanted to say hello, I have been away for some time, but I'm still here 😂

v1.47.4 is out, some internal technical refactoring (please let me know if you experience any side effect) - also, it fixes a minor issue introduced with v1.47.3 (AngularJS update) - the miniplayer that appears when you scroll down was not showing up anymore.

@adam , @dave , the Podcasting 2.0 RSS feed (to the podcast) does not have all EPs (I assume that is on purpose) - any plans in the future to make the older episodes available to Podcast Aggregators via feed (e.g. with RFC 5005 paging)?

Hey @dave , can you please check if you got a boostagram on March 20th from podstation? I sent on 10:56 PM CET. It probably failed, I just noticed I'm sending value_msat_total as a string

@dave @brianoflondon is there a development meetup / roundtable today for podcasting 2.0?

In practice it could be something like:
subscription - <base app url>?podcast-action=subscribe&podcast-feedurl=<feed url>
<base app url>?podcast-action=listen&podcast-feedurl=<feed url>&podcast-epguid=<episode guid>

Gone are the times for "what you code is what the browser gets" for @podstation , as I have introduced webpack some time ago. One big advantage is that it was super easy to introduce Typescript after that. Now I'm gradually converting the JS code to TS - type safety and static code checks + much better code completion really justify the investment.

So, today I think I finally finished my research on how I could implement support for comments on @podstation using ActivityPub and Mastodon APIs by connecting to existing fediverse services that support those APIs. It is documented here
I'll not be implementing this too soon as I have a bigger fish to fry (refactorings to support chrome's extension manifest v3), but at least the major part of the research work is done! 🎉

@adam , @dave , @js have you already considered the topic of portability of comments using ActivityPub?
If a podcast start using an AP server for the root comment and later wants to move to another one (e.g. the server is being sunset or something like that), do you know if that would be possible, keeping the replies?

It is nice to see how much of the Podcasting 2.0 is Open Source!

Players alone 🎧, we have 10 Open Source options covering a number of features and platforms, including even AmigaOS 4 🤯

Hi @dave , what does "production support" mean here ?
I still consider the support in @podstation for to be experimental, so I'm wondering if I should include it.

Podverse now supports nested comments 🎉

Special thanks to @js for writing the Threadcap library, which *greatly* simplifies retrieving ActivityPub comment threads. Highly recommended for any developers adding <podcast:socialInteract> support into their app.

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