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I just saw this funding related message from npm for its modules and thought about a lightning powered v4v funding model for open source, imagine you configure your wallet connection in the command line and just do "npm fund <sats>", and lightning enabled modules get funds.
There, now go implement it 😜

@benjaminbellamy just listening to ep 29 today, pretty nice stuff!
The whole history of how podlibre.org came about is very interesting.
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Version 1.39.0 of @podstation will bring more visibility to the content of the podcast:funding tag.

@dave @adam seems that your paypal link in the pc20 funding tag on the feed is not working, I think that you cannot copy the link that is generated when you press the red donate button. There is a token in the url, I think it is session related and it expires.
Here is what I see when I use that link.

@Lehmancreations @dave @adam and that is it for today, I am calling it a day, if you test it, let me know if it worked.

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@Lehmancreations @dave @adam v1.38.0 of podcast is pending review on chrome web store, but should be out any time now.
It contains support for customKey and customValue from both feed and index, so podcasters will also be able to receive sats on LNPay!

We have an immediate opening for an all-rounder interested in industrial networking and IT. Position is 50% travel within Europe, 50% remote/back-office work. Must be EU national or hold a work permit. Office location is either near Duesseldorf/D or Salzburg/A.

Must be proficient with networking, mostly Windows support, and be willing to do everything from arranging cabling to hardware work, software support, light routing configuration, and end user training.

DM me. Boosts appreciated.

Round numbers may be just a convention, but they are still beautiful

Podcasting 2.0 for February 26th 2021 Episode 26: Manning Battlestations -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org and welcome the Brazilian, German, Italian Stallion, Guilherme Dellagustin, developer of the podStation chrome extension podcast player l.curry.com/fof

Horaay, I got 36 sats today on @podstation 's wallet at LNPay, streamed sat by sat. @dave, @adam , was it any of you?

@dave @adam I'm in the mood for implementing support for custom record on the valueRecipient, as proposed in github.com/Podcastindex-org/po
This would enable podcasters to use LNPay to receive payments.
It would be cool if some podcaster with control over the feed and some interested listeners could pilot it.
Preferably US based, so that listeners could easily fund the wallet with that service you use (the name just escaped me now).
Can you think of any candidates?

After implementing conditional HTTP requests in @podstation , to save the users some bytes during updates, I was surprised to discover that the hosting platforms Sound Cloud and Spreaker do not support it...

How reliable is this by your experience @dave ?

After 5 years, for the first time I included an Ad in @podstation .
Even though it is a curated privacy preserving, completely packaged in the app, still makes me feel a bit dirty...

I knew podcasting in Brasil (where I am from) was big, but never checked the numbers. This article (02/2019) says it is the second largest in number of downloads in the world: blubrry.com/podcast-insider/20

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