Podcasting 2.0 for February 26th 2021 Episode 26: Manning Battlestations -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org and welcome the Brazilian, German, Italian Stallion, Guilherme Dellagustin, developer of the podStation chrome extension podcast player l.curry.com/fof

Horaay, I got 36 sats today on @podstation 's wallet at LNPay, streamed sat by sat. @dave, @adam , was it any of you?

@dave @adam I'm in the mood for implementing support for custom record on the valueRecipient, as proposed in github.com/Podcastindex-org/po
This would enable podcasters to use LNPay to receive payments.
It would be cool if some podcaster with control over the feed and some interested listeners could pilot it.
Preferably US based, so that listeners could easily fund the wallet with that service you use (the name just escaped me now).
Can you think of any candidates?

After implementing conditional HTTP requests in @podstation , to save the users some bytes during updates, I was surprised to discover that the hosting platforms Sound Cloud and Spreaker do not support it...

How reliable is this by your experience @dave ?

After 5 years, for the first time I included an Ad in @podstation .
Even though it is a curated privacy preserving, completely packaged in the app, still makes me feel a bit dirty...

I knew podcasting in Brasil (where I am from) was big, but never checked the numbers. This article (02/2019) says it is the second largest in number of downloads in the world: blubrry.com/podcast-insider/20

Podstation with LNPay working like a charm! Congrats @dellagustin !!

Namespace: Please remember to add your apps and services to the "element-supported.md" file on the namespace repo so we can have a solid record of who's supporting which tags:


I'll need that in order for the "Apps" page on podcastindex.org to be accurate

And, as always please add yourself to the contributors.txt file as well. Even if you just had a single comment on a repo issue please add your name. You are just as important as anyone else:


@dave @adam good news, I got a message from Tim on the LNPay telegram group that he will be turning on inbound KeySend payments.
Wallets must be identified through custom record 696969, example: 696969=wal_jhnRR8uSQUZfPM

This is aligned with my proposal to include custom records to podcast:valueRecipient: github.com/Podcastindex-org/po

I'll be experimenting with this for podStation's 1% (yey, finally getting some $ 😜 )

podStation v1.34.0 is released and it brings the experimental support for lightning powered value 4 value, now using LNPay (lnpay.co).
Release notes: github.com/podStation/podStati

@adam @dave

Oh very cool! PodStation chrome plug in podcast player now has my new podcast indexed! Thanks @adam and @dave for making podcastindex.org!

Podcasting 2.0 for January 29th 2021 Episode 22: This Train is Rolling! -- Adam & Dave discuss the latest developments in Podcasting 2.0 and are joined by Ben and Alberto from RSS.com for some hot namespace talk! l.curry.com/fnw

@dave @adam have you discussed with Tim from lnpay.co about the possibility to receive KeySend payments on lnpay.co's wallets?
I think it is feasible with some small hacking, but it would require extending the value tag a bit.

@dave @adam can I borrow some sats from you to test LNPay? I am having difficulties finding an exchange where I can by sats off-chain.

@adam @dave , my next move will be to reach crypto related podcasts and present to them the v4v model using lightning and podStation, as a viable (albeit experimental) option.
Do we have some kind of landing page that explains the concept?

@dave @adam for future reference, if you have to say my name in the podcast, just go with Gui (pronounced like in guilty), it is easier 😂

Baby steps, these are satoshis being "streamed" once a minute in a local regtest cluster while listening to a podcast. @podstation is calling the REST API from my LND node from chrome.
Progress is slow, but getting there, eventually there will be a very crude proof of concept being published.
@dave @adam

Earning #bitcoin as a #podcast host? Podcasting 2.0 is enabling a decentralized, self-sustaining ecosystem for content creators. I show you how to set up your #RSS feed with @RaspiBlitz #LightningNetwork node and @sphinx_chat
@adam @dave @Castopod @419monk @brianoflondon @fribbledom #rC3 youtu.be/YdLPo94B-sg

@dave @adam I could not find the value tag in the podcasting 2.0 feeds (official nor sandbox), which of your feeds is currently including this tag?

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