Apparently people are leaving and are moving back to saying this- I uSe gMaIL iNsTaGrAM cHrOmE aNyWaY. They are sharing news articles and 's tweets about end to end encryption and blindly believing whatever the spokesperson said. ~ Read the first few paragraphs in my blog..

Check the next posts for what I mean.


And my parents are saying this - "They downloaded the app but no one DMs them, only for Group chats the one guy who made the group texts in the group.."

Some people on Twitter - "Look we're using Chinese apps anyway so what?

If the gov is really bothered then like Chinese apps they would ban WhatsApp too! "

@deletefacebook Well well well! Look how the tables have turned!

So ironic! Facebook using our money to sell their ads to newspapers in order to make us use WhatsApp for selling their ads to us and make more money.

@polarhive WhatsApp respects and protects your privacy because we believe you will get fooled and blindly trust our proprietary apps.

@deletefacebook Why not?I mean if they use Whatsapp or Signal isn't really a big difference anyway 🤷

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