@pocketvj How to reproduce? I used clicked the link over the Tor Browser ( I have blocked Facebook servers at my DNS level after deleting my account so I didn't ) I think uBlock Origin or your browser is blocking Facebook as shown in this screenshot. The reddit post's author and many others in the comments says it works.

I use Brave browser on Linux, disabled the shield... maybe its because I am in Switzerland (which is not EU), will try with firefox...

@deletefacebook I would be interested too. But how Facebook knows, which is your data? Especially if you give a fake, secondary or what ever email address?

I once had a facebook account that had > 250,000 ice hockey pictures on it and facebook got funny and asked me to delete it and told me that I could archive it to a zip file.

250,000 photos did not fit in their archive method and the zip file kept breaking at 2GB after 6 hours. I had backups anyway.

I did get their BOTS a hard time complaining to them and got BOT responses back every time as facebook is a faceless organisation.

I deleted the account


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