@fgntfg Which? encryption by default? Yes, Matrix is a cloud based service and offers end to end by default. Signal is like Secret Chats. Telegram is a cloud based service and Secret Chats are a side feature.

@deletefacebook and your table lacking of two important ticks:
Telegram working even with shitiest internet connection. Literally, when I can't even open google, telegram is able to connect.
Telegram was working while Roscomnadzor was trying to block it. For 2 years.

For messenger app core feature is been able to communicate no matter what.

@fgntfg It's not mine.. The first link points to nitter.snopyta.org/joepie91/st

I found it on Twitter, I posted it here.

I would say Telegram> AWS (Signal) in terms of speed and reliability.

@deletefacebook Hm, Telegram shouldn’t be marked as “bad” for advertisements. Their crypto is questionable and the server is closed-source but Durov has publicly said that there will never be ads anywhere in Telegram except the massive many-to-one channels (which often do their own advertising anyway). WhatsApp doesn’t have these channels to begin with so, functionally, people coming from WhatsApp would have much the same experience.

@Agris @amolith It's not mine.. The first link points to nitter.snopyta.org/joepie91/st

I found it on Twitter, I posted it here. Will make it more clear nowonwards, the next time I find something on Twitter. I'd say 'found this on Twitter'

I wouldn't mark it like this tho as long as GPL clients are available but that's a simple fact - they're developing an Ad platfrom. They haven't updated ToS to say 'you can't block ads' and I'm sure F-Droid's TG-FOSS fork will allow to block ads. Because GPL!!

@deletefacebook I think Session should also be in the consideration too.

Session is similar to Signal, but doesn't require phone number or email or registration or anything. When you load it up, it gives an ID and that's your identity. It uses a TOR-like network that takes care of encrypting both the message and metadata and isn't centralized. So it takes care of 2 limitations of Signal.

But it doesn't have voice call (at least not yet).

@adnan360 It's not mine.. The first link points to nitter.snopyta.org/joepie91/st

I found it on Twitter, I posted it here.
I use Session It's in my bio>website>contact page.. @polarhive

I'm waiting for UDP support in Session. Session's desktop app is far better than Signal's. Plus, a strong PIN feature rather than Signal's 4 digit PINs

@deletefacebook I see. Good to know. I was also thinking of adding it on my contact page.

Just asking, why did Signal barred your Voip number? (You can ignore if it's personal.)

@adnan360 Not Signal itself but the company they contract it to for bulk SMS, call verification. I use an online VoIP number. When I try to login again it doesn't send anything.

I tested with Telegram and tried random websites to send SMSs to. Those contracters send codes to same VoIP number just fine. Its on Signal's side. I'll keep trying once a week and update my website once done.

@deletefacebook If that happened to me, I'd be really annoyed. That's why I think Session is awesome. It blocks nobody, accepts just about anybody and secure too. If it had voice call, I wouldn't probably use Signal.

Please don't forget our longtime friend and open standard that these services were built on, xmpp. There are many services that offer free accounts and recently blabberIM made signup available in the app, couldn't be easier.

blabber.im/en/ this is an android client but there are also iOS clients such as siskin and monal.

Omemo encryption, decentralized(like email), voice and video calling, groups

@deletefacebook I think the same, but Signal is so much easier for non-tech people to set up than Matrix. It does risk falling into problems being centralized, but it's much easier in my opinion.

@deletefacebook The graphic misses one key feature Signal has over the two: SMS integration.

@deletefacebook Is my adblock game that good or is the chart inaccurate on the advertisements?

@BalooUriza The author didn't make it accurate but ads will exist in large channels 100k+ subs ment to replace 3rd party promotions. I don't see how this will get more revenue than work mode in Telegram. Telegram is offering extra stuff for business teams. called 'work mode' like @matrix 's hosting for servers.

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