@jiminycricket python, with numpy/scipy can do everything what ML do. Multinationals prefer ML

@jiminycricket Matlab is excellent tool for various simulations in engineering of 'physical objects'. I am using it, from time to time. But, I am surprised to see that it is high on the list

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Honestly I don't know how I used the internet before I got a password manager. Biggest lifehack to recommend to non-technical friends and family.

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I like how this Vice article on newly discovered public domain books (because 80% of authors didn't extend their copyright after 28 years prior to 1964) mentions the Mastodon bot @SecretlyPublicDomain in passing. Yay for the Fediverse, and the public domain!

@kev My MacBook Pro is from the end of 2012. Still going strong - except a battery

Unix and Linux filesystem demystified - I didn't know that it is subject of the official standard:

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Design Futures Council in #australia #sydney have just held a small conference on open source architecture.

It is clear that people in AEC are frustrated with interoperability, proprietary monopolies, closed data, and unnecessary rework.

Push #openbim. Push #opensource. Push #ifc. Push #blender. Push #freecad. Push #openstreetmaps. Push #radiance. Push #openfoam. Push #energyplus.

We can change this.

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The public, for better or worse, tends to judge designs for the built environment based on how pretty they are. Architects and developers have been consistently lying to the public in their renders and marketing images.

I explore these ideas and more in my article on why we need a free #opensource _photometrically-correct_ 3D model repository, and why I've created one to share with the world.


Architects are behind the times.

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@colomar no surprise there. closer to the 'metal' more efficient.

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So I'm still experimenting issues with an external HDD on Linux and was hoping someone could help me out. Basically, I have a toshiba external HDD that in both NTFS or ext4 copies very slowly like 5mb/s, but if I use it in a Windows OS it copies normally (average 100mb/s). I've tried several ways of formatting in gparted and can't find a decent solution. When I start transferring files to my ext hdd basically it starts at 100mb/s but slowly decreases until it reaches like 5mb/s.

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Part four of the TechDraw Survey: Section and Detail views. Also a bit about clip groups.

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Who even needs the binomial theorem?
and so on.

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