I kinda wanna try writing a #matrix client in #rust using tauri. It's definitely a big project but I think if I take it easy and just do it for fun it might be ok. I've wanted an excuse to give Tauri a whirl for a while now...

@zkat Go for it! Writing a simple client is super doable. It gets complicated if you want it to run everywhere, support every feature and have a nice UX. But if you just want to display and send some messages, that is absolutely feasible and if you want to do more, you can incrementally improve from there. (Although I generally prefer it if people contribute to existing clients, everyone's got to scratch their itch sometimes.)

@deepbluev7 yeah the only itch this is meant to scratch is my curiosity. Plus I’m sure getting familiar with rust-matrix-sdk will help me contribute to existing clients, since several already use it

@zkat @deepbluev7 if you do end up like working w/ tauri, cinny.in/ seems to have a solid dev plan & they just released a tauri-based desktop app after there being a community-created wrapper for a while - github.com/ajbura/cinny/releas

@calebjasik @deepbluev7 yeah I’m basically just writing cinny in Rust tbh and that’s ok

@zkat @deepbluev7 cool beans; i’m honestly still not fully onboard w/ seeing wasm based client-side stuff being a great idea, but good luck 👍

@calebjasik @deepbluev7 Yeah me neither. It’s just a toy I’m playing around with to see what the landscape is like. It’s been a learning experience for sure

@zkat @deepbluev7 wait when did trunkrs.dev/ get on the scene :0 i may have done a github repo snoop 👀


@calebjasik @zkat Yes, Element-iOS is getting a rewrite similar to RiotX back in the day. Long term plan is to base most Element clients on the rust SDK afaik.

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