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Small promo I made for . See you at the stand! (And watch the last second of the video before criticizing it ;p)

FluffyChat v0.35.0 has been released. 🚀

This release introduces stickers and a lot of minor bug fixes and improvements.

Learn more on:

#matrix #fluffychat

So for anyone who asked, you can now enable stickers from the current room to be used globally (if you use the nightly) in the room settings.

You start implementing native sticker packs in and people tell you to stop spamming them with stickers... Guess I was having too much fun!

Es gibt keinerlei datenschutzrechtliche Bedenken gegen cell broadcasting, im Gegenteil, das ist aus Datenschutzsicht eine tolle Lösung. Diese Einschätzung haben wir zuletzt 2020 auch in Gesprächen mit der Bundesregierung kommuniziert, damals in Zusammenhang mit Corona

Incredibly exciting to get official confirmation that Germany's health service ( has standardised on Matrix for secure decentralised communications, targeting all 150,000 healthcare organisations in Germany(!!!) 🤯 Read all about it at 💉🇩🇪🚀

🚀 We've just released Synapse 1.38.0, with support for time-based cache expiry as well as the usual round of bugfixes and other improvements. Read more on the blog post:


(The game with the most unpronounceable and least memorable name ever :D)

It's a sort of snake roguelike where every snake segment is a different unit. It's surprisingly versatile in what sort of crazy builds and combos you can do. It reminded me a lot of Binding of Isaac in that it evokes the same "I want to see what crazy build I'll end up with this time". It's a lot of fun. And it's hard! (I've beaten it once on normal. There's a lot of NG+X modes.)

Why am I so excited for the #Steam #Deck?

Because it represents an alternate future where we have devices which end-users have control over. Where you can run whatever things you want and however you want without needing the manufacturers blessing.

Compare that with the Switch, where you need Nintendos approval to transfer a savegame to another Switch. (It was only added years after release and *still* only work within one account.)

New and mtxclient nightlies no longer require boost. @deepbluev7 wrote a new backend in top of curl. Yaaaay!

#fluffychat 0.30.0 has been released today 🎉🎉🎉 with a big refactoring under the hood, a lot of bug fixes, better room alias management, minor design improvements, Linux desktop notifications aaaaaaaand Linux arm64 support. 🐧

In theory it should run on #pinephone or #librem5 but I have no device to test it. Anyone here who wants to try and send me screenshots? 🙂

*Rolls the social media drum*

Check out our new release of Nheko, version 0.8.2:

It has edits, better notifications, screen sharing (X11 only), rainbow messages, a privacy screen and much, much more, especially bug fixes! Give it a try and if you run into issues, tell us on or on our bugtracker:

Have a nice day!

Die nächste #LinuxLounge steht wieder an: 25. April, 17:00 CEST sind wir wieder live auf Sendung. Wir reden mit Nico (von #nheko und Krille (von #fluffychat über dem #Matrix seine Clients! ⚒️ #OpenSource ⚒️

Es geht los!

Besucht uns heute und morgen an unserem virtuellen Stand auf den Chemnitzer Linux-Tagen nördlich vom Eingang unter

Unser Standprogramm + den Link zum Vortragsraum gibt's hier:

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

#CLT2021 #inkscape


#FOSDEM21 is coming to an end and it was awesome as always 🤘

we have an estimation of ~33.6k attendees for the conference and ~20k attendees for today...impressive...and now take this numbers and try to fill the ULB 😱


oh, and it looks like the synchrotron notifiers made it into the ultrasound end of the spectrum(!)

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Here are some vital stats from the Matrix server from Day 2 of, fresh from Grafana...


Personal note: the online experience of #FOSDEM2021 beats any other conference so far. I got to know new people and had many interesting discussions. High quality content. Excellent work by the organizers! Thank you.


Small promo I made for . See you at the stand! (And watch the last second of the video before criticizing it ;p)

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