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This company that sells clothing says it had to stop selling to EU because of GDPR. This image IS their site now, it says: "Blame your government (no, really)".

Really though? It's that hard to sell me clothes while respecting my privacy? You only have to blame yourself on this one 😂

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I'm going to attend the Javascript Days coming up on October in Berlin.

Anyone else from ?

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@kev @mike

Y'all might also be interested in the script that @tek was kind enough to put together. It's a python script that queries the API and shows the numerical rank/percentile of an instance. is bigger than I realized—bigger than 95% of tracked instances (and it's always felt so wonderfully small…)

(As @tek said, no need to make this a competition—just interesting)

For all you German speaking folks 

Toot from development hell:

When an otherwise perfectly working method is extended to return only the input. 😡

Why would you do that?

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Day 1 of playing with Valve's new Proton software.

It's awesome. Seriously, this is a game changer. The ability to play a game with no Linux version *and have it show as a Linux sale* to the developer, is great. This is what we needed, as it allows us to use Wine without the nagging feeling that we're undermining ourselves by reducing the apparent market share.

Now I need to learn how to rebuild Proton so I can include a 2line patch for Path of Exile.

So, Valve just made gaming on Linux a whole lot easier.

They took Wine, fixed a couple of things, made it integrate into their steam client natively and released it as open source.

Wow! 🎮 :tux:

NSSM is like the Swiss army knife for Windows services

Thanks for all your input and recommendations. looks interesting. I'm going to give it a shot!

Anyone got experience with Hugo I'd like to try a static web page generator...

Hello Fediverse and Fosstodon! Any enthusiasts around here? 🌐 🌎


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