So, Valve just made gaming on Linux a whole lot easier.

They took Wine, fixed a couple of things, made it integrate into their steam client natively and released it as open source.

Wow! 🎮 :tux:

@deegge hmm this is very interesting indeed 🤔

I've been wanting to run cinnamon mint or #Ubuntu #Linux full-time but I game so I'm always chained to #windows

This could be a game changer depending on how well wine performs.

@deegge nice. Hopefully I'll be able to play cuphead without booting into Windows now

@deegge Great work Valve coming to the table with their own version of Wine dubbed Proton. Linux gamers rejoice.

@deegge I tried it yesterday by buying The Last Remnant, which is one of the games on the supported list.

Emulation works most of the time, with a single crash during a few hours of gameplay.

The game itself, however, is not fantastic. I'll play for a bit longer before deciding if it's worth my attention.

@loke @deegge how do you find Vulkan. It's a little choppy for me. I am using an eGPU (1 Lane), but it was fine on Windows.

@ianpaul @deegge What game uses Vulcan? I only tried with a single game.

@loke @deegge I've only tried Civ VI on Linux (native) and the cinematics were terrible I just assumed it was using Vulkan, but what do I know? I've been a Windows gamer for years, and Linux gaming is new to me--though Linux is not.

@ianpaul @deegge I also have Civ IV on Linux and it runs great. I believe that game is older than Vulcan, so it should be an OpenGL game

@loke it must disagree with my eGPU set-up, I guess--16 lanes pushed through 1 via the ExpressCard slot. Though I was able to run it fine on Windows.

@loke Going to give Battlefront 2 a try with Proton. Though I'm assuming it'll run great given its age. There's a setting to run everything on Proton. Might be fun to see how Witcher 3 does.

@ianpaul you'd have to build it yourself if you want to try it with other software, don't you? Do you know if it's easy?

@loke Not sure. I just saw under Steam > Settings > Steam Play > Advanced there's an option to try Proton with everything. When I turned that on every game got an install button on Ubuntu 18.04. It sounds like an Alpha option though, so could be a pleasant surprise or an unstable mess.

@deegge ick ugg. i don't like your description. from what i see, what i understand, valve took & packaged two already underway efforts, vkd3d & vxdk & shipped it under their own name as "steam play".

i would like to give more credit ot valve but i don't think they actually did much at all here, from what i see? how essential were they to either of these translation layers?

@deegge That is awesome, I might have to dig out my Steam Machine and try it out.

Somewhat funny that they highlight the DOOM series though, I mean hasn't ID been a Linux proponent from the get go?

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