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oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

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Another #chiptune show here!! "The best of the UK's video game music scene, featuring live and recorded performances from #CHIPZEL, LUCI HOLLAND, NYOKEE, NINICHI and CIRCUIT BIRD.

TONIGHT UK TIME at 19:30."

#ukiegamechangers #gamesmusic #vgm #chiptune #femalemusicians #women

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@sagethesagesage yeah the project is not well known. Actually I discovered it at the conference a couple of years ago

Almost finished gathering the parts to build my BASIC Engine. I had the PCB waiting since a couple of weeks. Will be good practice for soldering SMD components.

@rookie Nope it is easier than it looks. The installation instructions are well documented on the Libreboot website.

@kuleszdl @ultem
Yeah indeed no need for the latest RPi. I used a RPi 2b because I had an old one unused.

@tinfoil-hat It all worked without trouble the first time. Actually it is easier than it looks.

I am Linux user for more than 15 years (currently using Devuan and Manjaro as main drivers).

Interested into FOSS, decentralized internet, retrogaming, retrocomputing, hardware modding (consoles, games, keyboards, old computers...)

Happy to join here!


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