Oh, this can be done with a regular Raspi now? Last time I saw this, it required a different SoC.

@ultem @decoder_82 It already works with the RPi since years - at least I flashed mine like 5 years ago with a RPi 1.

@kuleszdl @decoder_82
Thanks for telling! Last time I read up on this was probably in 2014/15 (?) when I wanted to do this to my X201 Tablet :blobcatshrug:

@ultem @decoder_82 I recently tried flashing with an external flasher and was trying for hours due to power problems - therefore I still recommend using an RPi or similar SbC.

@kuleszdl @ultem
Yeah indeed no need for the latest RPi. I used a RPi 2b because I had an old one unused.

@decoder_82 I'm supposed to do that with my x200 too! Unfortunately I don't have an SBC with me for the summer to flash it. I think I'm going to send it off to one of the eBay libreboot flasher people soon

@rookie Nope it is easier than it looks. The installation instructions are well documented on the Libreboot website.

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