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@alazarte What a concidence, this just became my new favourite thing :D. Thanks

@jlamothe Try control + shift + R. Pretty sure this forces firefox to reload the cache :)

The link to the licence at the footer of gives a 404, just FYI ☺️. Otherwise, great work! Always good to see more FOSS code out in the world ❤️

@itzzenxx You beat me by a DAY! I just got my gitea instance back online yesterday on FreeBSD :freebsd: and an email server was next! 😄 Any guides or pages you found helpful?

@tobtobxx oh you wouldn't have to, the sxmo gesture daemon just uses analysis on raw input, so it "should" just work on phosh even though it's wayland I think. You might need to change the commands in config.def.h though.

@tobtobxx You could always take the suckless utilities you like from SXMO and build them on Phosh :D For example, you could rebuild lisgd, replacing the commands with ones that do the same but on Phosh.

@atbash I wouldn't study LaTeX only to learn to code, but I can certainly say it was what got me into programming :D If you want to learn to program, just find something small that you like the idea of making and start with that.

As long as you choose a language with lots of documentation, you'll be just fine :)

There's an application called Processing that I used to use to teach programming too:

Hope this helps!


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