2/2 The reason I am doing this: I want to test the boundaries of my laptop, I want to understand the different variations of a single idea regardless of the good or bad and I simply love messing around with stuff! I still have loads of space left. What should I attempt next? Ideas?

@cygnusx11 GNU Guix or NixOS. These use transational package managers and have the system configuration defined in a single central configuration file. GNU Guix is based on Linux-Libre so driver support could be difficult but there is a NonGuix community repository that can be added trivially and contains a non-free kernel, drivers, and things like firefox :)

@declanr Wow, thanks for the tips! I did some topical research and I am intrigued by the declarative means of package management. I have followed the rolling release mode of things for such a long time. This will give me better perspective of other means. Instead of asking you loads of questions, I think I’ll just install and jump in! I may come to you later for life-saving advice though, 😬


@cygnusx11 no problem ☺️. I've only really got experience with Guix, but feel free to throw any questions at me and I might at least be able to point you in the right direction!

You can find my system config for my Ideapad Flex 5I at source.librecode.net/DeclanRix if you'd like to take a peek or use anything from it. Feel free to ask me about anything in there that's nonsensical. It's not commented well as I never really intended to share it haha.

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