Playing around on Guix Linux-Libre, thought I'd install krita because the digitizer works ☺️. That said... HOW DO YOU DRAW FEET?

I don't draw, please be nice 😉

Very nice! What are your impressions on running GNU guix Linux-Libre?


@braunne Well, it's very different. I activly use Linux, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD and problems that I knew how to solve everywhere else were solved completely differently with Guix. On the plus side, because of Guix's static system configuration, I will only ever have to solve these issues once, and it's already documented.

The documentation covers a lot, but finding the basics was hard. For example, the rust package has cargo as a seperate output and to add rust:cargo to scheme was a right mess.

@braunne All in all, it's nice, and I think it'll be my go-to for linux from now on. I use BSD for most everything howdays but still use linux occasionally for certain machines and hardware.

It's also turned me back onto looking at the hurd which could be interesting :)

@braunne also, flatpak works great for anything not on the repos :)

@braunne for reference, I'm using a lenovo flex 5i, intel I5, with a swapped atheros wifi card for compatibility. Everything works, even digitizer and touchscreen ☺️

@declanr Loosely based on Marie Antoinette: If they have no feet, let them have shoes. ;-)

Jokes aside, looks nice!

@declanr hands and feet. The sign of the gifted, or the disciplined artist.

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