bought a Pixel 4A from a friend that upgraded their phone. now the question is, what to do with my OnePlus 5T? I'm really sad that my old phone doesn't take SD cards, because I'd definitely turn it into a souped-up music player loaded with .flac files. I guess I could convert to AAC/MP3 and use it for that...
I've been using my home server as a wireless speaker with Bluetooth and MPD, but it might not be a bad idea to use my phone as one? I could just keep it hooked up to a charger and speaker.

Hey @bumbervevo! If you're just running out of space, you could consider self-hosting a streaming platform like

@declanr ah, wish I found this a year or two ago. I already have Spotify Premium, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp, so I don't really have a need another streaming service. plus, I'm not on an unlimited data plan, so data is a bit of a commodity. see my reply to OP for my thoughts on the need for lossless audio on a portable device.


@bumbervevo I was responding to the idea of keeping it plugged into power and a speaker, this would primarily be a way to offload the storage of all your media to your home server ☺️.

@declanr ah, gotcha! that makes sense. I feel like a basic FTP server + media player app could work as a solution in that case as well.

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