I've decided to Just Do It #YOLO

I've pushed the code for #Complex19 to a public repo.

Complex 19 is my static site generator for simultaneous #Gopher #Gemini and #HTML which I use for my personal site:


I'm sure there is much wrong with it and don't expect it to be of any use to anyone else (I haven't even picked a license!)



The link to the licence at the footer of m0yng.uk/2021/10/Complex-19-+- gives a 404, just FYI ☺️. Otherwise, great work! Always good to see more FOSS code out in the world ❤️

@declanr yeah, I pushed the blog post out before I decided what to do about the licence page.

I was considering making a "special page" of some sort that was hidden from the main menu, but I've decided to just use my existing approach to static pages so now it doesn't 404 (and I've also linked it in Gemini version)

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