2 days until , the celebration of The universal operating system. wiki.debian.org/DebianDay/2019 (Artwork by Juliana Krauss)

3 days until ! There is still time to organize a local celebration of The universal operating system. wiki.debian.org/DebianDay/2019 (Artwork by Juliana Krauss)

BBQ. The last official gathering before attendants head home all over the world. Some already departed: safe travels to everybody!

Much love and thanks to all our Debian Developers, Contributors, and Users who participated in , see you all next year! Most of the recordings have been published already in meetings-archive.debian.net/pu and the remaining ones will appear there soon.

"Our revels now are ended" - William Shakespare. We come together this evening for our closing ceremony which will be held in the Auditório in a few minutes. debconf19.debconf.org/schedule

DebConf20 will be held in Haifa (Israel). Follow their presentation and a BoF to share experiences about DebConf organization debconf19.debconf.org/schedule

Wondering where will be? Explore some available destinations following the "DebConf21: in ... your city?" session held in the Auditório debconf19.debconf.org/schedule

After lunch, we continue with a new session of Lightning Talks, "Building a personal home automation setup" and the DSA BoF debconf19.debconf.org/schedule

The morning continues at with "Cuban Free Software Community: experiences and challenges", "Inclusion and development - the Meilix Internet kiosk" (both streamed) and "Let's talk about the Elephant in the Room" (no video) debconf19.debconf.org/schedule

We start with a talk in the Auditório: " "Just Don't Buy It": Consumer choices in free software activism" - follow the live streaming in debconf19.debconf.org/schedule

One of the options for DebConf19 attendants for this evening is "Movie screening: The Edge of Democracy (2019)" debconf19.debconf.org/talks/17

We end for the evening, a beautiful Friday night in amazing . We have freed our Developers into the local city. Debian takes no responsibility for developers roaming the streets extolling the benefits of FOSS in outreach toward new users and contributors. Have a good evening!

Last set of talks and discussion sessions at today: "The journey towards being a FOSS-only artist through Debian GNU/Linux", "Finding the bits and pieces for RISC-V in Debian" and the Xen BoF will be streamed. Meanwhile, "Assembléia Geral do ICTL" in A102 (no video, sorry) debconf19.debconf.org/schedule

The afternoon continues with "DJCLI: Case Study in how Debian Opens Opportunities for those with Different Needs", "Is Debian (and Free Software) gender diverse enough?", and the Web team BoF. 2 additional talks added which are unfortunately not streamed (sorry): Outreach BoF and "Debian in the Embedded World" debconf19.debconf.org/schedule

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