@debian @debian you can configure which account you've moved to in the mastodon settings. Should be useful in this case.

Finally! @debian

@larjona that summary you linked isn't the full story, for instance it completely skips over the transphobia which is like a big actual deal, and doesn't go over the so-called apology. I can send you a link that does a better job later if you'd like :)

@dirething @debian @larjona

I agree that linking to a resource that says, more or less, that the apology was good and accepted, sends an incomplete message. I wrote on the 8th my own reply to Kev's apology: up until the 11th, I was working with the FOSStodon team to try and coach them on how to revamp their CoC and handle these issues, when I decided the folk weren't acting in good faith. emsenn.net/essays/curated-thou

(And I'm one of the 'snowflakes' Kev originally insulted.)

@debian @larjona

Yes, @emsenn 's work is a better, more accurate source of information here, not clouded by, i dunno, white-guy-ism

@dirething @emsenn
Thanks for the link. I didn't read everything that was written about the topic given my own circumstances, and the article I linked was the best single piece of info I could find so far (hoping that being my reaction/outcome different than the one of the author, people understand my point of view is not the same as theirs). I'll have a look at yours and update accordingly.

thanks. I have updated my blog post to include @emsenn 's article and explain a bit more why I decided to change the instance.
I hope it's clearer now.

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