been struggling with , my shared links display gibberish to the people receiving them, it's ... frustrating 🤔

@lopeztel what's your set up? I installed on Ubuntu 20.04 using docker images for app and nginx proxy but ran into issues fine tuning server config.

Ended up wiping at weekend and installing fresh without docker. Seems to be working a lot smoother.

I'm new to docker so wasn't really comfortable with it

@deasun I go even simpler, just installed from app list, don't know a single thing about config files and whatnot 😂 everything was perfect until I upgraded to nextcloud 20


@lopeztel hate when things just dont work !

it worked fine for me with docker until I needed to upload large files - then server would crash. Pain.

Good luck with it

@deasun it's part of learning , what I find difficult to understand is when 😂 something was working and now it doesn't... good luck as well

@lopeztel @deasun
It's said that before upgrading all plugins should be checked for compatibility with the new release.
It sounds like one of them isn't. Or hasn't been upgraded.

@fredl99 @deasun can't downgrade the installation now, my backup can't be applied 😂 I'm running into all the possible problems today

I would try this:
Go to Settings - Apps and deactivate the gallery plugin (I suppose that's the one with problems)
There's also a Link to its website. Visit it to check for which nextcloud release it's compatible. If for yours then download it and install manually. Instructions should be there or at nextclouds documentation.
If there's no compatible release then keep it disabled for now.

@fredl99 for some reason share links are working now, but I didn't really do anything ... :thinking:

Your server is a living thing 😃

Maybe the php was restarted. That's often necessary to reload new scripts.

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