Got funding for 10 laptops for immigration activists. Removing Windows and installing distro. thinking of for stability and easier migration for Windows users.

Grateful 4 thoughts...

@deasun great to hear it! All the best for that very sensible and sustainable move... keep the fediverse up to date on your progress!

@nathand @deasun Hellooo, fellow sysadmin with potato budget for laptops here. Thanks Nathan!

Excellent idea, 10/10 recommend Linux Mint. Even the non-techiest users will appreciate it and old laptops work great with it.

@Gina @nathand perfect. Got decent secondhand

Getting to work on them this weekend

Many thx!

@deasun i always recommend fedora, rock solid and consistently more up to date

@theotheroracle I've been meaning to give fedora a run for a while. Thanks for the suggestion

@deasun I have found solus budgie and Linux mint to be the best for my non-techie family

@jiminycricket Never tried solus budgie before - must give it a spin! Thx

@deasun Mint is a very easy OS to use. My wife, who is far from a techie uses it daily without problems.
But I'm not sure I'll recommend it for activists because of privacy : it's based on Ubuntu, which is a private corp (Canonical).
Maybe LMDE (the Debian edition of Mint) could do, but if privacy is mandatory for sensible datas or actions I'd recommend Tails on a USB key.

@Chingachcook many thx for the advice. Mint should do the job for daily usage. Anything sensitive will need extra precautions as you say. Will be sure there are no illusions that way

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