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Some UK asylum seekers have had their benefits cut because their 'Aspen Card’ purchases didn't conform to the Home Office’s idea of what they should buy.

Pls take 2 mins to tell Home Secretary Priti Patel to stop #StopSpyingOnAsylumSeekers

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#FOSDEM succeeded to run a online conference with over 8000 participants with completely #FreeSoftware (#OpenSource).

Big thanks to the #FOSDEM and the #Matrix team!

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Around 8000 clients in Myanmar/Burma are connected the Tor network. This does not count the users connected by bridges to Tor.

In Briar all communication goes through Tor, to protect your identity.
To circumvent censorship, Briar gives you access to bridges in case Tor is blocked by your ISP.

In case of internet shutdown, Briar can use Bluetooth and WiFi to pass on messages to your contacts.

Learn more about Briar here:

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Goodmorning !

As of today you can apply to my former job! 🎉🎉

Think selfhosted servers, IaaC (Ansible) virtualization (KVM, Ceph, Debian, Ubuntu), FOSS apps (Zimbra, Nextcloud, Rocketchat), and Linux Mint desktops.

Are you a and enthusiast AND a ? And are you based around ? Apply before Feb 23!

Mama Cash is the oldest feminist fund in the world. They support women’s, girl’s and trans groups all over the world. 🌍

Got 14 lenovo laptops with installed set up and distributed - with one year's free Wifi - to refugee rights activists in Belfast.

Two weeks in and 100% positive feedback!

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#Snowden and #Assange Deserve Pardons.

If the Assange prosecution is successful, it will set a dangerous precedent: that journalists can be prosecuted based on their interactions with sources who provide them with government secrets

Installed on phone with no and made 91 contributions to

Good start to 2021.

Now for Planet of the Apes with family...

"Self-testing indicates your ORPort is reachable from the outside. Excellent."

Satisfying log message!

Just finished setting up old as a bridge. Feels good to contribute and satisfying to have reached the technical capacity to be able to

Any ideas for using new on a cool project more than welcomed!

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The RIAA threw an October Surprise late last month when it sent a takedown demand to Github over Youtube-dl, a general purpose, lawful tool that allowed people to download Youtube videos.

The RIAA's position on this was downright bizarre. First, it asserted that the kind of obfuscation that Youtube uses to hide the download URLs for its videos were a form of DRM, illegal to bypass under Section 1201 of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


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After several months, @mobilizon is out!

It seems to be a very good fit in these times of protests when people need to self-organize to fight for their rights, away from large companies which can and have already censored them!

Have a look at the guided tour @Framasoft offers in their blog, it’s full of great ideas.

Congrats to them, I’m happy to support you financially, and it was well worth the wait 🎉

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Good news for "Public Money? #PublicCode !":

The city of Munich wants to soon start #FreeSoftware projects. First there shall be 5 projects published as #FreeSoftware and from end 2021 all own IT projects should be published as Free Software.

(DE: )

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What's your favorite open source on ?

I'm looking for recommendations on those with better features, both functionality and aesthetic features even if I'd have to donate a little something to the devs

Boosts are appreciated 😊

@Gina quick question if you don't mind?

Do you use a vnc server & client for remote desktop access for Mint machines? If so, which one? I've been trying tightvnc but not having much joy yet...


Nothing to do with but Ireland just lost to Slovakia on penalties and I'm gutted

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In August, @peertube entered a new stage in the development of #PeerTube v3. The objective is to raise €60k so they can implement, (1) global search, (2) moderation, (3) plugins & playlists, and (4) live streaming, here's the roadmap:

They already raised €37k which covers steps (1) and (2) and we're almost there for step (3) which is €40k.

Let's help build a decentralized alternative to #YouTube. Please boost and, if possible, donate.

#Fediverse #FOSS #OpenSource

Got funding for 10 laptops for immigration activists. Removing Windows and installing distro. thinking of for stability and easier migration for Windows users.

Grateful 4 thoughts...

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Google banned LBRY Android from the Playstore without warning and for contrived reasons.

This video details their exact communications, reasoning, and hypocrisy.

We believe we are being targeted due to big creators fleeing YouTube for LBRY.

Please share 🙏


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