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Mini series anime that I watched and were worth watching :)

No Game No Life
Angel Beats!
Violet Evergarden
Elfen Lied
+Terror In Resonance
Made In Abyss
+Banana fish
++Samurai champloo
+Afro samurai
++Death note
+great pretender
Tower of God
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Demon Slayer
The Rising of the Shield Hero
Dr. Stone
Sword Art Online
A Certain Scientific Railgun
Darwin's game
The devil is a part timer
Yakusoku no Neverland

Nothing is more satisfying than reading @fosstodon local timeline.

Now it's the time for Gitlab to shine after Github.
Gitlab is removing all Iranian accounts among their code..

Apperantly I need Windows to install LineageOS. Yikes.

I feel I'm being inactive here and I don't like that.
So...here's a toot for you.

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At long last, a Lets Encrypt alternative (in that you get free certs via the ACME protocol): buypass.com/ssl/products/acme

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Happy Software Freedom Day! We recommend taking a moment to thank the authors and the maintainers of the free software packages that you use everyday, to let them know you appreciate them.

> Schools located in trade restricted countries do not qualify got Github Education.
> Accounts in trade restricted countries can't make private repos

> We find the term "master" racist so we changed it to "main".

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Linux From Scratch 10.0 is released. LFS is a book you can use to install a Linux operating system from scratch using any working Linux system as a build host. The Linux From Scratch book and the companion Beyond Linux From Scratch may be for you if you have free time and you want to learn a whole lot about how Linux operating systems work beneath the hood.

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Imagine a day, where asking a dev to restrict their app to some people is a normal behavior. Today, maybe 99,9% don't care due to the target. But what's next?
Do you like to choose freely an app with your needs or choose your needs due to apps?

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What's all this with abbreviated time zones? When people are going to use UTC+x like everyone else?

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Suppose 0.8% of women who get mammograms have breast cancer. In 90% of women with breast cancer, the mammogram will correctly detect it. (This is an estimate, since it’s hard to tell how many cancers are missed if we don’t know they’re there.) However, among women with no breast cancer at all, about 7% will get a positive reading on the mammogram, leading to further tests and biopsies and so on. If you get a positive mammogram result, what are the chances you have breast cancer?

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Mastodon is a very interesting group of places. I started in mastodon.social to share my linux and foss journey. But it feels like twitter and I don't like twitter like most of mastodon users. There must be an extra effort to make people see and criticise my workflow. I didn't realize that there is specialized instances like this. Here, I am motivated to share and read others experiences. Let take over the world :ac_heart:

I've never knew is only 3 years younger than me. Happy birthday! 🎊

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Today is the 16th anniversary of . How are you goind to celeberate it?

There are people around the world organizing online meetings. You may want to participate or even organize your own. Check this page: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Op

Use this occasion to talk more about to people.

Use in social media.

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