So, apparently, rich people in the US have been losing money over the last 24 hours.

In equally distressing news, I seem to be out of Altoids.

Imported all of my apps and settings from the backup I took before installing Devuan. So far, so good. The only hiccup I've run into is that Gajim is more than a few versions behind in the stable repo. I'll have to use a flatpack if I want the latest version.

Also, no selection of Devuan themed wallpapers or login themes, so I threw together my own, just for fun.

I listened to the "Stuff You Should Know" episodes about sitcoms, this morning. Now I have the Happy Days theme stuck in my head.

And if you're anywhere near my age, now you do too.

You're welcome.

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Remember, kids, drugs are expensive. No one will be putting them in your Halloween candy.

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It's that time of year again, is approaching!

is encouraging people to participate by offering our own t-shirts on top of the regular Hacktoberest shirt!

Read more about how you can contribute this year, even if you're not a developer at our Hacktoberfest page:

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I haven't fired up KDevelop in years. It seems a lot more polished, with a lot more plugins. I've been a big fan of Pycharm, but I think I'm going to use this for a while, and see what I think of it.

Kid: "I'm scared"

The Doctor: "Don't be."

Kid: "Why not?"

The Doctor: "It doesn't help."

Him: "..."

Me: "..."

He leaves the office.

I'm still waiting for that information, and he's just made the top spot on my extremely short shit list.

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Me: "No. But even if we did do that, it's going to take me a while to look up the history on those IDs, and see what was going on, and I'm not going to do it with you standing over my shoulder. This is why I asked you to send them to me, so I can do research before trying to answer your questions."

Him: "Oh. Well I guess I'll go back to my office then" -chuckles-

Me: "I probably could have answered your questions already, if I'd have that information two hours ago, when I asked for it."

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His responses get progressively shittier as we go, and each time, he insists that we should just meet in person.

He stops by my office anyway.

Him: "Can you tell me why it's cutting me off at 40 minutes?"

Me: "No, I need you to send me the information I asked for, in my responses to your ticket."

Him: "Well, can I log into my email on your computer, and you can get it there?"

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User, who has a habit of stopping by the IT office to report problems, sends me a shitty email about hating having to create tickets, because apparently, out of the 70+ employees in this building, he's special.

He makes a ticket this morning, saying it's easier to explain in person.

We have a back and forth through the ticketing system, which is all happening via email, where I ask clarifying questions about his problem.

I've also decided to move my personal site off of Wordpress, and probably onto something I write myself, in Flask.

Still working out the details there. Might not get time to work on it for a few weeks.

I've decided to try out Devuan. I'm going to install Chimaera on my laptop today, and use it there for a while. I played with the live image a little bit, and everything works swimmingly without having to do any tweaking to the system, or manually load any drivers.

Related: This is the reason my last few personal laptops have been Lenovo. I've had zero Linux driver issues. My experience has been that things have just worked, right out of the box.

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