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@feditips @bookwyrm woo,made an account and imported my GoodReads data! Loving the mobile interface so far.

So what #BookWyrmTips and other advice do ya'll have? Is anyone talking about Reading Groups or anything with hashtags or groups?

So, just out of curiousity, where are my fellow Dudeists on Mastodon?

I've actually considered starting a Dudeist Mastodon instance, that is, if there isn't already one out there.

My work inbox is out of control. I'm usually pretty good about keeping things neat, and organized, and never more than a few days of email in the actual inbox itself.

At the moment, it vaguely resembles an episode of "Hoarders".

Myself and the other managers are on a rotation, where one of us works one Saturday a month. I don't mind working Saturday so much, but having my days off split up, where I have Friday off, work Saturday, and then Sunday off, really screws with my internal clock.

My days of the week are going to be off for at least the next six or seven days.

Anyway, good morning, Fediverse.

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BookWyrm is the Fediverse's answer to Amazon's GoodReads.

BookWyrm helps you keep track of what you're reading, discover new books and publish reviews of books you've read.

You can follow them at @bookwyrm and find out more at:

There's a list of servers to join at:

There's a built-in book catalogue powered by Wikidata in collaboration with @inventaire

BookWyrm is part of the Fediverse and accounts on BookWyrm servers can be followed by people from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse is the BookWyrm founder's account.

Anyone (except corporations) can start their own BookWyrm server by installing the software, and there's a managed hosting service for people who join the top tier on Patreon (

#BookWyrm #Fediverse #Books #Book #Reading #Literature #GoodReads #Alternatives

All done streaming, for now. Maybe catch me next time on Owncast, at

I'm streaming on Owncast, at Playing a little Minecraft on my friends and famly server

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Tried to get some coding done on a Flask project last night, but just couldn't get in the groove. So I gave up and watched the new Patton Oswalt special, and then went to bed.

I have the day off today, so it's time to get yard work done before the real cold starts to set in.

Hoping stream something later today though.

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It's my birthday today!
So the best gift you can give to me as an artist is liking and retweeting my art 💜


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It is the first day of Autumn, here in the MST time zone. The local weather has decided to usher in this day by raining, non-stop, since yesterday evening.

I'm not really complaining, because we have forest fire fighters that need the help. Still... I'm not ready for this.

Ya know, when you walk into the break room, and you think you're alone, so you start talking to yourself, but then on your way out you notice that someone was sitting in a nook in the corner the whole time?


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✨ Sara, the OpenGameArt mascot, but in my style.

The references and my remake.
A derivation from an original design by Mandi Paugh.
#krita #mastoart #opengameart
(CW: eyecontact)

It's incredibly annoying that fewer and fewer tech vendors have support numbers available on their websites. They want it all done via an online ticketing system.

That's all well and good, but I've had two $30k pieces of equipment down for three days, and the one response I had to my ticket had absolutely nothing to do with the problem we're having.

This is what we in the tech industry fondly refer to as "fuckery".

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