Still wondering what my secret project is?

An bike computer.

After weeks of working behind the scenes, today the first functional prototype was tested on the road. Hello world!

Check out if you want a prototype too.

Having hacked on this for an entire week straight – "no cycling before parsing NMEA sentences!" – I think I'm going to take a break tomorrow. On the bike, of course.

@dcz oh sick! I'm very much curious about this - I just just looking last week to see if I could hook up my bangle to zwift for heart rate input.

@dcz I've been trying to get back into shape so just been cycling indoors, but if you'd like someone that thinks they have the correct hardware to go out for a ride, let me know :D

@jonbro Which bangle do you have? This is effectively the same hardware, except we also sell a kit to reflash it.

@dcz banglejs2 from the kickstarter last year - is there a specific hardware edition I need?

and full reflash, exciting!

@jonbro This should be the same hardware, except for the temperature sensor. I could arrange to get you a flashing kit if you're interested.

@dcz sounds good - flashing kit was something that could be done over the existing exposed pins iirc?

yeah, I'm in - let me know.

@dcz Howdy! The concept sounds very cool, I'll be watching, for sure.

I checked out the website to see how one gets their hands on one and it seems to suggest going back to the community. Did I miss something?

@kinetix Nope, the community lists my email address. Perhaps I should make it clearer. Feel free to send me a personal message - a shop page is in the works right now.

@dcz Interesting. But even your project pages give very unclear information.

@jirka Oh yes, I put them up in haste, will improve in the next few days. What information should I add?

@dcz Any details are welcome - some more info about the prototype hardware will be the most interesting for now (I think).

From the description at the website I am not sure if it will be a stand-alone device or it will always require to use GPS and other sensor form the smartphone.

@jirka Ah, I see. It's a bit of an open question because it's up to you what apps you write.

But officially, I plan to always keep it useful as a standalone thing.
It has builtin GPS btw.

The hardware is this

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to add the missing info.

@dcz Thanks! Standalone device is very interesting for me! (and I hope that also for many others)

@dcz oh this is awesome!

I would've expected pine64 to take a part in this, but this is fine too!

Good luck! I've bookmarked your site for my future pocket money.

@Anachron @PINE64 interested in building free bike computer hardware?

@dcz Looks super cool! I was hoping my (incoming) Librem 5 would double as a bike computer, though I'd currently be terrified to risk it on a bike...

@dcz this is amazing! Using a smartwatch is an ingenious idea. Many of the DIY cycling computers I've seen so far have used things like an rpi or esp32 + some 3d printed case that would barely survive 1 minute on a soggy ride.

@craftyguy I made some test versions based on a different project before. they survived about 10 minutes on a dry ride.

That being said, a smart watch is not so great for iterating on the design, it's pretty much set in stone. I'd really like to have USB access here. And a buzzer.

@craftyguy Yes. It's not always safe to look at the device, like going downhill or in traffic. But real time information is still important even then. I think beeps might be useful for minimal feedback.

@dcz yeah I agree, I currently have my cycling computer set up to play a loud noise to remind me to drink water 😁


Oh wow, i was searching for something like it a month ago 😮

@dcz Cool, I am also working on building a (Pi Zero) based bike computer.

Can you be bothered to move development to a less hostile platform than GitHub?

I, for one, tend to work with contributors younger than 16 years, who are locked out of GitHub (among many other people).

@codeberg is a really good and open solution!

@Natureshadow @codeberg
I will look for a friendlier platform for the bike computer-specific pieces. Thanks for the recommendation.

As for the core infrastructure like the kernel and flasher, I rely on the project, and want to be a good citizen by contributing my improvements back to them. So there's not much choice :)

@dcz @codeberg OK. Maybe mirroring is viable? Codeberg makes that really easy.

Thanks for considering it!

@Natureshadow @codeberg I'm completel open to mirroring, but I don't have the experience. Do you want to help out?

@dcz @codeberg Sure! If you want to use Codeberg, just create an organisation (or use your personal namespace), then when creating a new repository, it offers you to enter a source to mirror from.

If you need more detailed help, feel free to ask!

@Natureshadow @codeberg Thanks. I think I might go for some gitlab (Framasoft?) because I want to make heavy use of the builtin CI.

Please note that we disabled mirroring

So we require users to manually mirror with `git push --mirror`.

But otherwise, pushing back to upstream is possible, we also have our Gitea fork on our server and pushing to a fork on GH if we want to upstream a patch.

@codeberg @dcz Hmm. Does Codeberg support auto-pushing to a remote instead?

Yes, push-mirrors to a remote are available in the repo settings.

@codeberg @dcz Well, so mirroring is still active.

Obviously, one wants to use Codeberg primarily, and mirror *to* GitHub ;)!

Yes. We should update the blog post, the push-mirror feature was added later :)

@dcz is the hardware open source too? Or just the OS?

If so, I couldn't easily find the repository with the CAD files.

@AgreeableLandscape The only open hardware is the USB breakout board.

I would like to build actual bike computer hardware (bigger screen, dynamo attachment) at some point, but first things first.

@dcz thanks for clarifying. I wish you the best in your ultimate goal!

@dcz @optimal @PINE64 one of the projects I will never get around to is a #pinetime sports watch for inline skating. My thought there was to use the companion device (smartphone) for gps and most sensor inputs, and the watch itself mostly as a display. #jazda looks really neat
@dcz @PINE64 @optimal I say "never get around to" despite it being the original reason I bought the pinetime ... but I have a pinephone to get working first

@dcz Interesting project! If necessary I volunteer to test it from France.

@dcz says: "The library works in principle on most boards, but there is currently the showstopper bug #28 that prevents the generation of relocatable code. This [...] usually means that [applications] must be compiled especially for your board and that there can only be one application written in rust at a time [...]." Does this affect the development of jazda apps?

@underlap Yes, I'm working on a solution. Before then, only one app can be installed. But that's fine for now because there's stilll ots of stuff missing :P

@dcz wow this sounds amazing! Very interesting! Since I'm totally ignorant about hardware electronics, is there any plan to support ANT+ sensors in the future?

@silkevicious I think ANT+ is supported by the chip, but the protocol is proprietary and I don't care about licensing or writing software for it when Bluetooth exists.

@dcz ah i didnt know, i though it was something more open. Nvm

@dcz Amazing, and great that you are this far along! I have an odd bike (hub dynamo in front, hub gear in back, lazy rider) so I'd be delighted to help test. Sooo many questions!!

@dcz Are you looking at the @PINE64 PineTime as a resource? Is it relevant?

@yetiinabox @PINE64 It's a cool project, but the display is not sunlight-readable without a backlight, which ensures short battery life.

@dcz ...and what speed sensor are you using/planning to use? My front dynamo hub confuses the hub-mounted Garmin speed frequently tells me that I am travelling at 75kph, which would be pretty impressive...

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