is over, but keeps rolling. How far did the conference push us? Let's look at the numbers:

- 0 bike rides with :(
- 1 dev kit sold!
- 1 lightning talk given
- 1 connection to an author of another bike computer ( )
- 2 wiki pages started
- 3 demos of the simulator shown
- 5 sticker exchanges filled up
- a dozen people played with the real hardware

Thanks for cleaning the breadcrumbs from my laptop. I don't have many excuses to carry it around and shake it otherwise.

There are 2 kinds of laptop users:
- those who call it a "power supply", and
- those who call it a "charger".

Hello ! For anyone insterested in , I not only have stickers, but also took some spare development kits! Want to build a bike computer together?

What does every hacker love?

Meet me at in Karlsruhe tomorrow to get some.

I'll also try to sneak in a lightning talk about .

the computer got a new, pretty font!

See how it thinks we're going 14 km/h? That's because it glitched (don't worry, I found the bug).

Two lessons:
- using ray tracing techniques (sdf) for drawing works on microcontrollers
- but barely fast enough :(

I'll be at this weekend, to show off and to return to conferences.

Can you give me advice?

What's the best way to work at conferences?

In other news, I hit a stone so badly that my thumb still hurts. A thumb!

At least the tube didn't puncture.

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Are you dreaming about a computer that shows where on the trail you are?

I stopped dreaming.

Because I made one!

Trail display is a demo for I tested today while making code easier for newcomers.

The triangle on the display is about 10km around a pretty mountain lake surrounded by quaint little towns.

The eternal dilemma of hacking: make something work *now* or explore some fun side track?

Debugging is really slow when you have to reflash every time you make a change. Even something silly like changing text size.

That's why I decided to have a way to run (mostly) the same software on my workstation. Now the challenge is to make sure only minimal workflow changes are needed to make the same code flashable.

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while EU is drafting a new law for ,
Briar remains p2p, protects your social graph by using Tor by default and uses e2ee (end to end encryption) for every message by default.
Learn more about Briar:

Unfortunate is currently only available for .

A desktop client is in an active development and a beta version is already available for testing.
get Briar Desktop beta:

I'm building a simulator for to test code before flashing. Here, I'm feeding it an old track, and testing a real-time situational map. Next I'll move it to the actual computer.

Bluetooth is a bit of a pain, so short term it'll be GPS and perhaps some dead reckoning. Long-term it should be compatible with any sensor, so I don't worry about it.

Oh wow, hell has frozen over a little. Nvidia is releasing an open source code dump for a small part of the *desktop* driver.

It might even be useful.

But not as useful as if they allowed loading custom firmware again.

First longer ride with . Impressions:
- I need to show battery level. I don't know if it was fully charged
- it survived the entire ride
- it shut off after I got back, after almost 5 hours with GPS on
- when the wind is blowing, I'm going way slower than I thought :S

Having hacked on this for an entire week straight – "no cycling before parsing NMEA sentences!" – I think I'm going to take a break tomorrow. On the bike, of course.

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Still wondering what my secret project is?

An bike computer.

After weeks of working behind the scenes, today the first functional prototype was tested on the road. Hello world!

Check out if you want a prototype too.

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