It's decided, I'm getting a MT8183 Chromebook to test the waters.

@Caleb Thanks for describing bootloaders on Qualcomm chips in your article!

Do you have any insight how locked down (or not) Mediatek SoCs are? They are appearing in Chromebooks now, like or the newer

is an awesome collection of digital art. It doesn't get enough credit: it's still getting new patterns, and it's also in your repos!

Install it and go through the list. Which ones do you like the most?

Me, I spent way too much time staring at Galaxies and Substrate.

Hello from my freshly -ed and 'd laptop!

Now I'm going to have a hard time finding a new which isn't a downgrade.

a drama in 3 acts

1. Accidentally pulled the server plug from wall socket while cleaning
2. Poor server! I'll put it on a UPS. Wall socket can disconnect as much as it likes!
3. Accidentally pulled the server plug from the UPS socket while cleaning.

~The End~

Important announcement: end-to-end encryption concerns USERS, and not APPLICATIONS. The ends are the AGENTS, not the CODE they run.

If your communication application processes your messages on behalf of someone other than you or your recipient, then it's NOT .

I'm surprised how many people seem to accept that applications exchange messages rather than people. Nope. If the application censors you or leaks contents to someone else, then your communication is not E2EE by definition.

This is what happens when you apply demosaicing to your build log. That's what image processing work for looks like.

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A long time ago, I was the most active translator for Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead for . This was a big deal, because the amount of text is HUGE.

But I was no longer active as a translator since years. The main reason is that I have started to hate Transifex (where the are stored). ' website is proprietary and I no longer want to associate with it.

is and I think FOSS should be using FOSS tools all way down.

Same image, two colors.

Eye of Mate is clearly doing something odd here, because the picture contains nothing but blue.

And I haven't messed up my TIFF - the same happens after converting to PNG.

Could it be my night mode?

There are good sides to using a 10 years old laptop.
It's so slow that moving to an ARM laptop would be an upgrade.

And what's possible on ARM? That's right, not having any Intel Management Engine nor AMD Platform Security Processor blobs!

Now, the only problem is finding a with 16GiB RAM, and /#libreboot...

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pro tip:

you can push to normal (not bare) repos, like one on your other computer.

You just can't push to the branch that is currently checked out.

My 5GHz WiFi can transfer at 100Mb/s. Impressive, first time I'm seeing this speed!

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git add --patch is a new command i learned and it's super useful, but doing it hours long because you were stupid and mixed a lot of changes together is no fun at all

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The wave function collapse algorithm kinda sound like a form of Carcassonne board game. Its a cool board game based on tilemaps creating random medieval country side kinda the same way.

"Carcassonne - How To Play"

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Once you've figured it out, next up is Alice and Bob. I don't know what they're saying but it must be juicy because it's always encrypted.

is making progress. It's now a supported board in ! Very bare bones, but I'm working on adding drivers.

Fosstodon is English-language, and because of that, it's in the Western cultural bubble.

What does the Internet look like in other cultures?
How popular is FOSS? What other subcultures are there? What controversies are there? Is one country dominating the discourse like USA does in English?

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@CyborgZeta Kinda? Mostly. It depends.

Lists of ingredients are fair to use, but if it has substantial literary substance such as a blog or cookbook, the work as a whole can be copyrighted.

Additionally, recipes can be patented . They have to pass multiple criteria such as being unique, non-obvious, useful, and novel.

Also, if you are unauthorized to access the recipe (EX: stealing it from a vault) you could be in violation of other laws.

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Is there such a thing as libre/open desktop monitors? Or can monitor hardware be generally trusted?

Imagine having secure and private hardware only to be backstabbed by your monitor of all things :ohgno:

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