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day 9 post about why I am using

Am I daft, or a glutton for punishment? I don't think so - it's a hobby that's fun to me, and it's okay to use different and not entirely practical things for fun.

Some people go fishing, and spend hours enjoying the process of catching a fish that could be bought in 5 minutes. I enjoy relaxing and slowly doing computery things that I could solve in 5 minutes with my normal workday stuff.

Update on setup on 2 VPS and a budget dedicated server. Having more fun with this stuff again, after kidding myself I could slim down to much less.

Day 8 of

@eletrotupi - here you go, as requested.

We might have a privacy problem in our house.... our son has created cameras which he has put all over the house. He had a bank of monitors on his wall to watch them....

Lost an hour of the evening to reorganizing home lab network subnets. Tons of VMs and containers ahoy.... life is complicated these days!

Day 7 of

Thanks for the inspiration for tonight's day 6 of @snowdusk_ ...

You mentioned in com chat about the advantage of the waveform in DJ software - and it made me remember the vinyl that remix services mastered so you can literally see the structure of the track.

Wooo. DJ stuff has been upgraded to living room status because my wife is lovely and understanding. Much better sound now!

Day 5 post for

A mysterious fail - no veg for me this year. Oh well, it's still fun to get outside and do gardening!

Keeping on the theme of email here (like @yarmo), day 3 of my is a rant about email headaches... self-hosted and not!

Oooof.... found a couple accounts for other services I don't use any more tied to my google login that have a '30 day waiting period' to delete. I guess I'll be continuing to after I get confirmation they are closed too!

Not sure why places can't just close an account when you ask!

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More progress on 2020 tech resolutions... moved Patreon stuff to Liberapay now, and doing final prep before I can close my Google account altogether.

Well... that's a new one. GMail and Outlook which are notorious for rejecting email from self-hosted servers are working fine...

Zoho has started to refuse to receive email from my system though, with a non-useful 452. Grr!

May 3 14:40:03 petroc postfix/smtp[27987]: 1CCE3209D44: host[] said: 452 <xxx@xxx> Mailbox
delivery restricted by policy error (in reply to RCPT TO command)

BBQ meat 

Gonnabe some good eating. Pork smoked with Apple and Oak wood for 10 hours, soon to be pulled. And some polenta cornbread. 😋

Shout-out to for its part in convincing me to part ways with my money for again! 🙂

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part 2/100...

Musings on rekindling a dance music on hobby. Always fun to rediscover an old hobby.

meat, bbq 

Got some pork on the smoker this morning. Looking forward to dinner!

Was going to start on Monday, but messed up my org-publish config. Now fixed but my cable internet has gone out! The world does not want my inconsequential thoughts 🤪

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