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Can definitely recommend these planter blocks for building raised beds with 2x6 lumber. Looks a bit agricultural maybe, but very quick and cheap way to get a sturdy bed.

Decided on the detail of my no resolution for 2020. I'll be sticking to and - and donating to both, to start working on another resolution.

:guix: :openbsd:

Wrote a bit about why they are interesting to me here:

Instead of being able to do a simple ‘admin’ thing I’ve had to waste ~2 hours making a new account and getting everything saved moved across properly. I really don’t like this cloud for all the things world 😢

There is apparently no way to reset a forgotten screen time password for son’s account on our Mac (used to ration Minecraft time), unless he is linked to an iCloud account. I have an ‘admin’ account, but apparently nope - it’s not really my computer to administer 😡

Firing it up to cure the furnace cement job. Looks like I’ll have a working smoker again for $23 in steel, furnace cement, and bbq paint.

Decided to buy some sheet stainless steel, furnace cement, high temp enamel and see if I can salvage this smoker. Even the cheap new ones that need modifications are $$$ more than 8 years ago, and I’m cheap 🤣

Saturday morning... update and prettify the installs (one is open to internet for sharing things, one is only inside the home network for syncing private stuff between computers).

😢 took apart camera lens to see if salvageable after knocked off counter by a child. Nope. 3 tiny but vital plastic posts for screws are broken off. Everything else, glass, electronics fine, but these tiny bits of plastic are where the (metal !) lens mount screws on.

We have some rolls, stupid bread maker be damned. Bed before midnight.... yay.

Ahhh technology.... put ingredients into the bread maker to have it make some dough for rolls that’ll be ready to bake in the morning. Of course I then find the timer only works on the bake setting 🤦‍♂️ guess I’ll be baking my way from late tonight into Christmas Day.

Received some stickers in the post, all the way from Germany. Must remember to send back a postcard to say thanks!

Fun to hear the Toy Dolls on a bit ago - As a small child I used to dance around to their Nellie the Elephant and Fisticuffs in Frederick Street before bedtime 🙂

Mostly I think I was looking at politics / news stuff there.... It seems pretty obvious now how poor Twitter is for that, given that reading some RSS feeds for a small amount of time each day leaves me feeling much more informed.

Have an iPhone, so it has the screen time thing there... and it's still a bit of a shock to see that having quit Twitter I'm using the phone ~40% less.

I didn't _think_ I was that drawn into it, but clearly I was.

One of the fun things about working on an open-source project is getting to interact with many other great projects and people. But... wow, the number of slack workspaces and channels to keep track of is hard for a luddite like me, who gets antsy with more than about 3 browser tabs, or other windows open. 🤯

3 year old really enjoys the 70s audio book on , which is fun :-)

Some of the spoils of the annual festive family cookie making day 🙂


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