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Armenian dancing in full swing across the street from the house!

They always give us and the other neighbors free vouchers to try some Armenian food. It’s good fun. 😀

Every year the Armenian festival ( happens at the Armenian church right across the street from our house in Texas, with food, music and dancing. Last time though. They move to a new church next year.

non-tech, kids 

non-tech, kids 

6th October, and looks like we finally get something approaching Autumn weather this evening, with a cold-front coming through later.... but a high of 96F (!) first.

Enjoying something analog and Welsh as I feed the CD drive.

Slowly making progress feeding the CD collection into on a lazy Saturday morning 😀

Trying out to sync my music and software collections locally only, rather then sending everything out to . So far so good.... much faster.

Another morning spent looking at docker layer extraction stuff. Creating and extracting layer tars is not easy... see also:

Hello! Decided to jump over here to from, so I could be somewhere with a local timeline of interesting things👋


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