@jordan31 the smoker has to be sealed nicely to control the air so it burns through the charcoal and wood slowly. A bit at a time, so a small bit is burning, but burning well with nice smoke not smoldering. Only need about 3/4 inch diameter hole for the right amount of air - hence the rust holes being a problem.

@jordan31 make a ring of unlit charcoal in the pan with a few wood chunks, not chips, mixed in. Add about 1/3 of a chimney starter of lit charcoal. Burns for about 7 hrs going through the charcoal with smoke from the wood chunks.

@Maza I’m not so sure - it’s certainly not in the class of ‘malware’. I quite like the init part of systemd compared to writing different init.d scripts for Debian, Red Hat, SuSE etc. Some other parts of the systemd project I’m not as fond of but they’re not truly bad in my book, just a different approach.

@Maza welding looks fun but don’t think this is worth the money to get setup for that😀 I tried the simple fix of cutting a stainless steel sheet to lay covering the holes in the bottom, but air leaks in as the pan isn’t nice and flat. Stove cement to seal it also cracks too easily - so air leaks in again.

@nhr Heh. Luckily I am already restricting myself from messing around with anything I use for work... or that's used by family. Otherwise I'd be in trouble already!

Only have to further restrain myself on a couple of computers..... which probably also means I have too many 😄

@jordan31 this is what I had... modded to add a proper grate to the stamped charcoal basket, add lid vents, gasket on the door, and ball valve plus 3/4" pipe nipples+cap at the bottom for adjusting the airflow.

Took a while to get there, but it'd hold 225F for ~6h without needing to mess with it. Sad it's dying now.

Hmmm - maybe new year's resolution will have to be to try for a year without distro and os hopping on the laptop. I could do something else with that time 😄

Back to technology topics... tried out a bit this weekend. Seems like a really nice mix of bsd-esque simplicity by default, but with the hardware and application compatibility benefits of Linux. I'm not particularly opposed to but it's interesting to use something a bit different.

Think I'll leave the laptop as a dual boot between it and .

@jordan31 I'm a glutton for punishment - so definitely sticking with charcoal.

Anyone have any recommendations for charcoal smokers in the << $300 (i.e. not Weber smokey mountain) price range?

$45 Lowe's special I modified a lot into something useful has rusted through after 6 years.. and am debating whether to try to fix, or buy something new.

Phone complaining it's out of storage... investigation reveals a 171 frame burst photo, and other less extreme ones, of... nothing. Apparently it was taking photos of the inside of my pocket while I was gardening earlier 🤦‍♂️

A 4-load mountain of laundry to fold is much more easily tackled with a good ☕️ and the cheesy 80s stylings of Mr Bryan Adams and Christopher Cross on the turntable to shuffle around to 😀

@anondjdan - great songs. Disappointed I hadn’t discovered before now. If I still had my dual turntables of 15 years ago I’d be tempted to try and have a go with 60s stuff or 90s trance. Ambitions for someday :-)

Decided to try on something with a bit more oomph this evening - workstation with 6 core AMD and 48GB RAM. Works flawlessly - even the relatively new RX550 GPU. Have definitely become a Linux for work, BSD for recreation person.

@redandgreen14 @codesections I enjoy simple gardening / yard work to get outside mainly, and listening to eclectic music every day. Used to have some other things but have kids now 😀

@redandgreen14 this seems to sum up many US regulations.... “The laws are so complicated that breweries are increasingly hiring lawyers who specialize in beverage law to navigate them.”

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