Ooof - raise a ticket about extremely slow I/O on the server itself.... and got a response asking me to provide traceroute results to diagnose 🙄

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# dd if=/dev/zero of=tmp bs=1m count=10 oflag=sync
10+0 records in
10+0 records out
10485760 bytes transferred in 25.254 secs (415211 bytes/sec)

Looks like my VPS host has some issues. 10MB write taking 25s on an idle machine, and 0.2s on the other one I have.

@ataraxia937 had good luck with a cheap brother monochrome laser in the past. Could print to it from anything, easily. No longer with us as needed something color. Have an HP OfficeJet now that needs the hplip stuff now but works from NetBSD.

Program is projectMSDL - well worth a few minutes compiling it if you are interested in this sort of thing.

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flashing lights from a light synth 

Got a bit more hypnotic!

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Listening to tonight’s 33 1/3rd live mix on . Turned up in the headphones, lights off, and light synth!

@claudiom ughh - given he works for Red Hat, and how much interest in / control over Fedora Red Hat has.... you'd think maybe 'contact your distro' is something that could be resolved easily?

Obviously compiling pkgsrc things in a VM on ThinkStation where I can 'export MAKE_JOBS=24' makes more sense than doing it on the i5 4-core desktop I am using.

Should have done this on the weekend too. Doh!

@oranje looks like a nice haul! Starting to pick tomatoes here. We grew some tomatillos one year here in DFW, got the plants at Home Depot, but my parents had much more success in their greenhouse in South West England.

build from source nearly done! Good idea to have other things to do if you attempt this.

Forgot to time it, but it has taken roughly the same time as cleaning & washing 2 cars, eating lunch, tidying the garage, stripping and cleaning a pressure washer carburetor, and then pressure washing 200 sq. ft. of concrete.

Patience, or a todo list, is good to have.

FSF launching a server for members dragged me over the line to renewing membership.

Am hoping for more of the same - efforts that *demonstrate* it is possible to provide software and services that are still reasonably attractive to users, under the strict views held by that organization.

Sat with a morning coffee, kicking off a pkgsrc build on - will come back this afternoon to see if it worked 🙂

Back to day 19 of after taking time out while doing a lot of other writing for work.

The benefits of writing regularly have appeared quite quickly:

Trying out the on 9 now. So far so good. Setup a mirror pool, put ~200GB of data on it, and it passed a scrub without issue.

An early entry for this week.

9.0_STABLE running an XFCE desktop, firefox, emacs *and* vim - all compiled from pkgsrc current today.

This is all on an Optiplex 3020 i5-4590 which seems to be in a sweet sport of old enough that it works, new enough that it is properly usable as a desktop machine.

@ataraxia937 also if you do persevere with NetBSD and you haven’t come across it before - the UnitedBSD site posts have some helpful stuff r.e. common issues.

@ataraxia937 yeah - it makes me scratch my head....

I clone source src / ports / pkgsrc trees from the git(hub) mirrors instead... much faster to update etc.

@ataraxia937 I'm certainly not a project insider, and still class it as fun - but that's mostly the fun of digging in and solving problems the hard way.

@ataraxia937 - The base docs aren't completely outdated, but where the wiki etc. ventures into installing packages that often seems very out of date. Often there are hints in the pkgsrc MESSAGE files on how to get things to work.

Here's some inspiration... this machine setup from scratch today, running 9.0_STABLE. Compiled all the packages I need from pkgsrc current without issue. i3 and utils, firefox-esr, emac etc.

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