Armenian dancing in full swing across the street from the house!

They always give us and the other neighbors free vouchers to try some Armenian food. It’s good fun. πŸ˜€

Every year the Armenian festival ( happens at the Armenian church right across the street from our house in Texas, with food, music and dancing. Last time though. They move to a new church next year.

@wizzwizz4 phew.... the answer is filesystem the data on didn’t mount. Remount and restart nextcloud.

non-tech, kids 

non-tech, kids 

6th October, and looks like we finally get something approaching Autumn weather this evening, with a cold-front coming through later.... but a high of 96F (!) first.

@emacsen @downey Ouch :-/ I contributed to Trisquel for a few months this year. Decided to leave as, like with the FSF, the visible public discussion is often full of extreme views, conspiracy theories, and is extremely unwelcoming to people who don’t share the same thoughts. The people doing the work on the project are friendly, and pleasant to interact with - but they are few, and the hostility of the forum is certainly reducing uptake and involvement.

@yarmo that said, having raid in a home lab was great for playing with breaking and recovering things. Which certainly made me happier dealing with things at work.

@yarmo of course since I started using RAID sets I haven’t had a single disk fail (6 yr and 2yr old drives in 2 arrays)... so I’ve not really saved any time by having the RAID heh.

@yarmo I started using RAID on home workstation / lab machines after a couple of disk failures, as it was annoying spending the time to recover it all twice. I had a fairly complex virtual cluster for experimenting on and some other things which were a pain to recover. Guess it depends on how long it’d take you to recover from backup, and how much it’s worth to avoid that.

@Gina nice! How big is the monitor you are using there? Hard to get a sense of scale.

Slowly making progress feeding the CD collection into on a lazy Saturday morning πŸ˜€

Trying out to sync my music and software collections locally only, rather then sending everything out to . So far so good.... much faster.

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