Looking forward to the weekly dose of 33 1/3rd on

A great live mix every week with chat on com and IRC


Shout-out to for its part in convincing me to part ways with my money for again! 🙂

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part 2/100...

Musings on rekindling a dance music on hobby. Always fun to rediscover an old hobby.


Where else but / is it possible to follow listening to a great fun live mix... with old school com chat about Dallas as the ecstasy capital in the 80s.... and the fact we have a historic trolley from Melbourne. Heh. Good times with interesting people! And I also now have interesting music links to browse at bed time.

Lot of fun when a small record stall in antique mall suddenly has loads of great 80s albums and early 90s dance stuff. It’s usually just the same old Chicago and Gordon Lightfoot.

Yay. New old arrived. Re-buying various things I first owned in 1999 in the U.K. Some trance music nostalgia for later.

Settling down for work with some REM on . Hard to believe this is from 1987. Wouldn’t have sounded out of place in the alt charts in ‘97, ‘07 or ‘17. Also, do miserable conservative governments always inspire the best music?

Anyone know Greek? The Spandau Ballet record I just bought in Dallas was one sold in Greece, with Greek on the sleeve and handwritten on the inner sleeve. Interesting to think how it ended up here. Handwritten notes on liners and records from other countries are a fun thing to find buying .

Off out in a bit to see if I can find Sam Fender’s Hypersonic Missiles on at the local record store. Lyrics are a bit on the nose for the start of 2020 😥

3 year old really enjoys the 70s audio book on , which is fun :-)

Spent some time cataloging my nascent collection, so I can remember what I have when I'm out buying things. Up to 53 albums so far... not counting the majority of my late 90s 12" singles, which are 4700 miles away in my childhood bedroom 🙂

I'm cheap - so I have an 'eclectic' collection averaging about $4.00 per album, heh - dctrud.sdf.org/vinyl.html

CDs to catalogue next, as I re-rip them to FLAC this time. 60 down, more than 350 to go 😓

Didn’t get any Merle Haggard at the record store..... Did get some Skeeter Davis, The Turtles, Band of Horses, The Head and the Heart, Scritti Politti, and a Weird Al single.

One of the nicest things about is I get to settle down at a comfortable desk each morning with a coffee and or album on, and then open GitHub and Slack. Much more relaxed than a commute to a busy open plan space. Some Beck this morning 😀


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