flashing lights from a light synth 

Got a bit more hypnotic!

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Listening to tonight’s 33 1/3rd live mix on . Turned up in the headphones, lights off, and light synth!

An early entry for this week.

9.0_STABLE running an XFCE desktop, firefox, emacs *and* vim - all compiled from pkgsrc current today.

This is all on an Optiplex 3020 i5-4590 which seems to be in a sweet sport of old enough that it works, new enough that it is properly usable as a desktop machine.

Listening to some 10cc before we get to enjoy the awesome dance music vinyl mix of the 33 1/3rd show on later.

Now have a spare Optiplex i5-4590 desktop lying around... so thought I could put the triumvirate of BSDs on it, as VMs, to switch on whenever I fancy messing around.

A rather grey on this grey afternoon in North Texas.

Messing with blog stuff in Emacs. Fedora 32 on a new to me Lenovo P700 workstation. Still enjoying having 24 Xeon E5 v3 cores, and 80GB of RAM on my desktop!

Black bars and weird sizes as this is 2 screens - one portrait and lower res than the main landscape one.

Possibly the #1 argument recently for not using GitHub...

Nice flowers at the homestead museum on lunchtime bike ride.

We might have a privacy problem in our house.... our son has created cameras which he has put all over the house. He had a bank of monitors on his wall to watch them....

Wooo. DJ stuff has been upgraded to living room status because my wife is lovely and understanding. Much better sound now!

BBQ meat 

Gonnabe some good eating. Pork smoked with Apple and Oak wood for 10 hours, soon to be pulled. And some polenta cornbread. 😋

meat, bbq 

Got some pork on the smoker this morning. Looking forward to dinner!

Wildlife cam mark II. A picam looking out on our big tree which has a bird house in it. 500GB USB3 SSD this time, so can use a much more frequent time lapse.

Switched from using pkgin to building things out of pkgsrc current on . Firefox ESR build worked, and it runs very nicely.

An early sunday of an i3 desktop on my Ryzen 1600. Do need to get a GFX card that will drive the 27" monitor full res under NetBSD. The version of DRM stuff ported to NetBSD from Linux does not support this... nor does Linux 4.4.

Tidied up my vps servers a bit too today. Have 2 x $5/mo 1GB VPS, one in Dallas, one in Atlanta.

They are now more tidily doing DNS, mail, and web hosting duties for my home-lab/play domain, and hosting ZNC.

I did have 1 on and 1 on but that was making me too confused!

Just had 41 cheap records turn up. Going to be a fun afternoon....... we’re lovin it, lovin it, lovin it. We’re lovin it like that! 🤪

Fun new toys started arriving. Should get the turntables on the weekend 😀 quarantine dance party is in sight.

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