Made a cake with the kids. Fun times with no computers, and more sugar 😀

🎵I am a lineman for the county.... 😀 Have a strange affection for this song.

Yay. New old arrived. Re-buying various things I first owned in 1999 in the U.K. Some trance music nostalgia for later.

MATE on Guix. Ripping CDs with Asunder, Updating list of vinyl in Emacs, looking at Fosstodon.

Yesterday 69F, storms and tornado warnings. Today 31F and snow. Texas weather is interesting.

Settling down for work with some REM on . Hard to believe this is from 1987. Wouldn’t have sounded out of place in the alt charts in ‘97, ‘07 or ‘17. Also, do miserable conservative governments always inspire the best music?

Anyone know Greek? The Spandau Ballet record I just bought in Dallas was one sold in Greece, with Greek on the sleeve and handwritten on the inner sleeve. Interesting to think how it ended up here. Handwritten notes on liners and records from other countries are a fun thing to find buying .

Our kids in 2020 still think a 25 y/o SNES game is cool 😄 Yoshi’s island complete with name of a former owner in sharpie on it came in the mail.

Can definitely recommend these planter blocks for building raised beds with 2x6 lumber. Looks a bit agricultural maybe, but very quick and cheap way to get a sturdy bed.

Firing it up to cure the furnace cement job. Looks like I’ll have a working smoker again for $23 in steel, furnace cement, and bbq paint.

Decided to buy some sheet stainless steel, furnace cement, high temp enamel and see if I can salvage this smoker. Even the cheap new ones that need modifications are $$$ more than 8 years ago, and I’m cheap 🤣

Saturday morning... update and prettify the installs (one is open to internet for sharing things, one is only inside the home network for syncing private stuff between computers).

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