Doh! `guix weather krita` may have been a good idea. I guess my laptop will be left on tonight.

Enjoying on the desktop still... have to learn to plan a bit more updating on the T430. Not sure how people running ThinkPad X200 and T60 manage it tbh.

@dctrud Personally when I use similar hardware I update only when binary substitutes are ready, or keep my system profile slim and put some difficult to compile programs (I’m lookin’ at you Qt) in a separate profile and update them rarely. When I need something ad‑hoc and a substitute is not ready I install it from an older guix revision.

A good strategy is to pull a commit from a few days ago. That's usually enough to get substitutes

@roptat that’d work, but I’m not sure it’s a good strategy given presence of security issues.

Well, either you wait a few days for substitutes, or a few days for the builds to finish on your laptop…

@roptat yeah. It’s manageable for me. I just wouldn’t want to attempt it on something that much slower.

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