Off out in a bit to see if I can find Sam Fender’s Hypersonic Missiles on at the local record store. Lyrics are a bit on the nose for the start of 2020 😥


No Sam Fender, but did spend my Christmas money 😀

@Tayo yeah. Did quite well this trip. It’s a huge store though so there’s always good stuff... it’s whether there’s good stuff in my price range that’s more the question 😄

I owned most of them if not all. Unfortunately I bought into the cassette tape debacle. What a shitty medium! Only thing worse was the 8track.

@Tayo heard some of the Rhett Miller solo stuff when he did a solo set before Old 97s gig a few years back. It was, and is pretty good.

@Tayo Rhett Miller album also has Peter Buck playing on some of it, for the extra REM connection.

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