I've always wondered what that pose is all about. It's so contrived. That's the 80s for you.

@Tayo heh indeed. I’m gathering quite a bit of 80s vinyl. It has the advantage it is pretty easy to find stuff in pretty much mint condition for cheap. I guess people bought them - then switched to CD after hardly playing them.

I think you're onto something there. By the time CDs went commercial, many of us had bought into cassette tapes. They were a truly shitty media, as bad as 8track tapes, and I did go back to LPs for a while. When CDs came out, it was glorious.

@Tayo I like this message to the US listener from the style council. “Welcome comrade citizens” heh.

I was sad when the Jam ended. The Style Council was a good consolation. They turned me on to the wonderful vocal stylings of Tracey Thorn.

@Tayo ahhh. EBTG’s Missing is nostalgic for me. I remember a remix of it being played by fairground rides at the local annual traveling fair.... along with other stuff like Haddaway and Snap!

Their first 2 albums were gold to me. My spouse and I fell in love to them and we still have the vinyl copies.

The picture of the 2 littles boys peeing on the cover with the caption was so funny. Can't remember how it went.

Something like, "I'm making a picture, if there's enough left, I'll make one for you."

@Tayo heh. Bit before my time. My wife who’s from Dallas and I got together at University in the U.K. as we leant each other CDs of the Old 97s (her) and The Bluetones (a mid 90s British indie band, me).

@Tayo one of our first few ‘dates’ was a concert in London which happened to be released as a live CD / DVD ... doesn’t get much better for being nostalgic than listening to that.

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