Self contained cheap completed 😀 Now have amd64/nvidia, arm, and arm64 machines set up with a single plug for easy relocation whenever the office has to revert to a guest room!

@dctrud Now that is awesome! Cable management and everything :)

@geekgonecrazy - Thanks. I was tempted by some wheels for the shelving too... but they cost more than the shelving itself.

@dctrud i've thought about doing something similar stashing away in a closet. I never do because never fails that I need to hook up to a monitor.

Your little display there is pretty interesting though. Don't think i've seen one that little all packaged up as proper monitor before

@geekgonecrazy the little monitor was $60 - bit of an extravagance compared to the other bits, but a cheaper bigger used one would mean it wouldn’t fit under the shelf in the master closet where it’ll hide if the guest room is in use.

@dctrud that is pretty cool!

What kind of projects or plans do you have for it?

@samir I work on an open source container runtime: - though we of course have CI driven tests, and I could use AWS instances, it's often quicker to try things out quickly on a bit of local hardware. One of the ARM boards also self-hosts some things.

@samir a little messier on the back but pretty nicely self contained.

@samir - the Dell has an older nvidia card in it to test things work on ML containers, as my workstation is AMD Radeon now.

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