Hmmm - maybe new year's resolution will have to be to try for a year without distro and os hopping on the laptop. I could do something else with that time 😄

Back to technology topics... tried out a bit this weekend. Seems like a really nice mix of bsd-esque simplicity by default, but with the hardware and application compatibility benefits of Linux. I'm not particularly opposed to but it's interesting to use something a bit different.

Think I'll leave the laptop as a dual boot between it and .

Anyone have any recommendations for charcoal smokers in the << $300 (i.e. not Weber smokey mountain) price range?

$45 Lowe's special I modified a lot into something useful has rusted through after 6 years.. and am debating whether to try to fix, or buy something new.

Phone complaining it's out of storage... investigation reveals a 171 frame burst photo, and other less extreme ones, of... nothing. Apparently it was taking photos of the inside of my pocket while I was gardening earlier 🤦‍♂️

A 4-load mountain of laundry to fold is much more easily tackled with a good ☕️ and the cheesy 80s stylings of Mr Bryan Adams and Christopher Cross on the turntable to shuffle around to 😀

Decided to try on something with a bit more oomph this evening - workstation with 6 core AMD and 48GB RAM. Works flawlessly - even the relatively new RX550 GPU. Have definitely become a Linux for work, BSD for recreation person.

Decided to join as an arpa member this morning. I remember using it when I was a student 15 years ago now. Decided to pop in there while having my morning coffee, after seeing the mentions and things here.

Why is it that US beers don’t have to show their ABV on the can? Thought the one I was drinking seemed strong... lookEd up the brewery and it’s 12.9% 🤪

Ahh - the joys of extracting rootfs onto quirky filesystems, with variable userns support. It's a head scratching Wednesday morning!

Didn’t get any Merle Haggard at the record store..... Did get some Skeeter Davis, The Turtles, Band of Horses, The Head and the Heart, Scritti Politti, and a Weird Al single.

Other rant for the morning.... why do Apple hide so much normal functionality? In photos you are supposed to now magically know to hold cmd if you need to delete a photo, not just remove it. I guess you have to pay them more if you never delete things! Trying to tidy up before switch photo syncing to

Cancelling Amazon Prime is like trying to cancel a phone contract. Are you sure?..... are you sure you’re sure?..... still want to cancel?..... really? 😡

I like #blackfriday . I get emails from newsletters I almost forgot to unsubscribe from

Still not sure what to make of the ‘whole top’ ring pull.

Looking for advice from IT professionals 

Uggh cable. Paying for 300Mbps (down). Currently getting....

No download option on parent's photos in Adobe Cloud Portfolio web site. Luckily a little recursive wget, grep, and awk and bash script goes a long way 🙂

Finally said goodbye to twitter and Facebook accounts for good this morning. Now time for the store and then making a cake with the kids 🍰

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