It’s a gorgeous spring day, and it’s clear most people are staying home here. Really surprised I don’t hear more noise from the neighborhood enjoying some fresh air in their back yards, given we’re lucky be in the suburbs where that’s easy.

fail.... neatly setup and pegged in the netting on the raised beds, before putting in the tomato plants. Doh!

One thing about North Texas in the spring... you may get to swap other worrying/depressing local news for tornado weather coverage. 🌪️

Time for some more genggenggeng.... and maybe some block rockin’ beats.

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Been a while since I've heard Blue Boy - Remember Me.... thanks to 33 1/3 on I'm now going to dig through the UK NOW That's What I call Music albums of my teenage years 🙂

There was some good stuff on them in the 90s!

COVID adjacent - FB & Twitter 

Well, coronavirus has made it to the city of a family member with serious existing respiratory issues - getting more scary at the personal level now 😞

- today messing with DNS for fun. Editing a zone file on a / bind9 primary and checking it works with dig on the / nsd secondary.

Doing this on my workstation today, which is running Fedora 31 with a pretty standard Gnome desktop.

Now have primary and secondary DNS duties for my 'messing around' domain shared between NetBSD bind9, and OpenBSD nsd.

Completely unnecessary, but fun to play with these things and keep in touch with how the basic internet works in a world of clouds and abstractions.

Saturday night post

Fun with Infiniband networking in the , part 2 - basic network software stack/setup

Thought I'd write a second blog post about Infiniband in the home lab being easy to setup software wise. Ooops - latest kernel in Fedora 31 crashes when the IB link comes up....

Gazed over at a raspberry pi not doing much this morning... so felt compelled to order some stuff to turn it into a opposum/skunk spotting camera, and weather sensor, that can sit on the covered porch. Hopefully my son thinks this sounds as fun as I think it will be :-)

Thinking about sorting out my previous phone, a Moto g5s with broken GPS, as a music player when doing dirty yard work etc. It’s criminal this is a phone launched end of Sep 2017 and it doesn’t get security fixes now. This is considered one of the better android brands too. When its GPS broke I bought an older 2016 model iPhone due to the better update situation. Really do hope etc cach on some more.

If you use LSP on Emacs then running Emacs 27 with the native JSON handling makes a huuuge difference. No longer feels very laggy compared to other editors for completion etc. :emacs:

Starting a diet today... to tackle issues resulting from working at home with constant food access. No beer for me 😠

On the plus side, new old music in the post 🙂

on a T430 is an interesting comparison to . Less works, e.g. brightness controls, touchpad scrolling, suspend/resume is flaky, but was does work feels speedier and battery life is better. I like pkgsrc & pkgin too, and running easily on a fast Linux box is cool.

Second weekend in a row involving applying some kind of caulk or sealant somewhere. Ughhh. Always messier than I intend it to be. Did get to mess with computers and plant some annuals into tubs too though. is good for the mood.

Hello from today on this - it's not distro-hopping if it's trying out different BSDs is it? 😉 🤓

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