23 month old ~$2000 work MacBook Pro is being repaired under a “Quality program” due to battery swelling. 🙄Not one of the recalled models. Meanwhile, 6 year old used ThinkPad can have battery swapped at any point in 5s flat without needing a new trackpad and top case. 😀

Paying for others to host stuff, but supporting open-source/community endeavors a tiny bit via

Still spending a little on closed Apple and Zoho things for the foreseeable future. But maybe no more iCloud if I end up with a or similar one day!

Interesting aspect to my journey is how much I've decided I don't need. Down to only and at home these days.


Personal site moved to properly now. Finally time to stop paying for the last underused VPS as everything I need is now served by self-hosted stuff at home, or SDF MetaARPA membership.

It's nice to support a community instead of a hosting company, and don't think anyone will mind if the odd SDF hiccup takes my inconsequential blog offline 😄

Seems an increasing amount of code in a container runtime is about having workarounds for weirdly broken containers, so they somewhat “work” - rather than implementing normal behavior 🤪

Made a cake with the kids. Fun times with no computers, and more sugar 😀

🎵I am a lineman for the county.... 😀 Have a strange affection for this song.

As a hobbyist, the diversity of the Linux ecosystem is interesting, and exciting.

As a developer working with software that needs to be tested it's more of a grind. Using no less than 11 combinations of distro and CPU architecture this morning 😓

Doh! `guix weather krita` may have been a good idea. I guess my laptop will be left on tonight.

Enjoying on the desktop still... have to learn to plan a bit more updating on the T430. Not sure how people running ThinkPad X200 and T60 manage it tbh.

Yay. New old arrived. Re-buying various things I first owned in 1999 in the U.K. Some trance music nostalgia for later.

MATE on Guix. Ripping CDs with Asunder, Updating list of vinyl in Emacs, looking at Fosstodon.

It only just occurred to me, about 200 CDs into ripping to FLAC, that I have a laptop with a CD drive, and a desktop - so I can do 2 at a time 🤦‍♂️

Yesterday 69F, storms and tornado warnings. Today 31F and snow. Texas weather is interesting.

Having fun meeting some of the friendly people of @SDF and enjoying lately. Still not regretting at all leaving Twitter, Facebook and joining , and some other communities online.

Settling down for work with some REM on . Hard to believe this is from 1987. Wouldn’t have sounded out of place in the alt charts in ‘97, ‘07 or ‘17. Also, do miserable conservative governments always inspire the best music?

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