Taking a few days off from as I'm writing documentation for $work - so my brain is all written out.

Taking the time to read some of the interesting blogs others have written. Good stuff!

Listening to some 10cc before we get to enjoy the awesome dance music vinyl mix of the 33 1/3rd show on later.

Now have a spare Optiplex i5-4590 desktop lying around... so thought I could put the triumvirate of BSDs on it, as VMs, to switch on whenever I fancy messing around.

Thanks to @snowdusk_ for the Thomas Dolby.

Going to enjoy the on IGWM tonight, for sure!

Having come back to seeking out and buying dance music after 20 years, I'm greatly missing the small-town record store owner - who could pluck out a curated selection of stuff he thought you'd like, whenever you walked into the shop.

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Seeking any tips on places to find recent music that's similar to the mid 90s (i.e. a bit more minimal, airy) than the current commercial EDM (which is often a bit of an aural onslaught).

Closer to "made by someone with an AtariST/Amiga and some synths" than "made by someone who bought DAW FX plugins in bulk, and is determined to use them all".

Now playing the game “will the Yorkshire puddings rise nicely?” Which involves staring into the oven with fingers crossed.

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Cooking a British style roast dinner is a pretty nice way to spend a couple hours.

After a bunch of peeling veg it's really just a lot of shuffling things in/out/on/off the cooker while sipping some beer or wine 🙂

A rather grey on this grey afternoon in North Texas.

Messing with blog stuff in Emacs. Fedora 32 on a new to me Lenovo P700 workstation. Still enjoying having 24 Xeon E5 v3 cores, and 80GB of RAM on my desktop!

Black bars and weird sizes as this is 2 screens - one portrait and lower res than the main landscape one.

Managed to get a minimal RSS feed for my blog - still need to sort out excerpts for the feed / index page when I have more elisp time.


Possibly the #1 argument recently for not using GitHub...

After nearly 7" of rain recently my previously dying tomato plants are now tomato-ing. Maybe there was something in the raised bed mix that got washed / diluted out.

Isn't fun? 🙂


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Nice flowers at the homestead museum on lunchtime bike ride.

Emacs and org-mode are great for keeping notes, reminders, writing docs, publishing blogs and more.

With so many ways you can work, it's worth thinking about the options and seeing how different people use Org for inspiration.


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Listening to 33 1/3 on anonradio and watching DJ buttstuf doing his thing.

Looking forward to the weekly dose of 33 1/3rd on

A great live mix every week with chat on com and IRC


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