Not sure how the people who tune their desktop's appearance to the nth degree find the time.... this'll do! 🙂

Trying out leaving X behind for on the laptop this evening. The version in Debian 10 definitely lags at times but 1.2 compiled from source is working well.

It's on days like these when I'm pushing up tensorflow containers I wish I had symmetric fiber internet still, and not cable that is verrrry slow going up.

... if you happen to be into Indie/Alt music is definitely worth a listen even if you aren't in Dallas Fort/Worth. I hop between it, BBC Radio 6 Music, and my CDs and Vinyl.

Only just noticed local NPR music station KXT links to Linux clients to listen to their streams... another reason to like them 🙂

No engineering problem I have faced has been as difficult as adopting alternatives to every Google service.

Just installed on my home server as the collection of music is too big to sync to laptop now. Looks good so far!

Decided to move my nextcloud instance from a server out on the internet back to the house again this morning... and do encrypted backup out to the offsite machine instead. I had naively thought it would be useful to have it out on the web... but 99.9% of the time I access it I’m at home. Much faster to host locally and vpn if I need it.

Old 97s were awesome. It’s pretty great having a free festival can walk to from the house!

Yay. Firewood was seasoned enough. Not that often to get a chance to light a fire at the start of November.

And now a bit of bit of coffee and German techno to stay awake while I prepare a release candidate.... 😄

Self contained cheap completed 😀 Now have amd64/nvidia, arm, and arm64 machines set up with a single plug for easy relocation whenever the office has to revert to a guest room!

Brooklyn: Join Electronic Frontier Alliance member @cypurrnyc on November 10th for a workshop on disinformation and info literacy

Might be a sign I have too many computers now that I've installed xymon so I can see which are and aren't currently working....

Found myself with 30 mins spare on a busy weekend, so naturally broke out the cable ties! Getting my home lab things all strapped to a $20 shelving unit and on a DDWRT WiFi bridge so they can be removed from the guest room whenever its needed. ARM stuff done. Have a mini tower to add on the bottom, and an 8” monitor for the top still to do.

When the linter starts complaining "`behaviour` is a misspelling of `behavior` (misspell)" ... I feel somewhat glad 8 years in 🇺🇸 hasn't driven the 🇬🇧 out of me completely yet!

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