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I updated the 4 links in my profile with a new list of things I enjoy.

I'll use this thread to archive them as I intermittently refresh them.

What are your SMART goals for the week?

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US Pol 

At work I'm porting holocaust edu content to a new cms. Every chapter is something the GOP is doing right now. Every. Single. Chapter.

stressful work day

new position has me getting noticed more but also, new position has me getting noticed more

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new position at work is very interesting having a lot of fun so far

only sightly terrified

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Alrighty let's put this sucker out there! The roguelike is officially at a playable state! Give it a go! My top score is 514, show me up, internet!

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oh dang I forgot about the muppaphone, prior art never going to get a patent

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I bet after a while you'd tune it out and stop noticing the screaming

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Oh your keyboard is clicky? So are my knees. My keyboard screams in pain, check and mate.

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Someone should make a keyboard that says "ow", "ouch", "ow", etc every time you type a key.

Maybe a scream when you hit return.

Don't follow me unless you're scrupulous about typing the accent in "Pokémon"

someone left and i'm moving to an adjacent position and now have to relearn python

Someone should make a browser extension that randomizes fonts whenever you load a page.

We should start a paranormal detective agency

we should start a prank phone call tiktok channel

I did a bunch of chores but there are still more chores

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