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The FOSDEM 2021 CfP is now open and there will be a devroom. The CfP closes on 22 Dec, so if you have an idea for a talk, submit it now! mariadb.org/fosdem2021cfp/

The rest of the talks of this mini-conf are also really good and can be found on the MariaDB Foundation's YouTube page: youtube.com/c/MariaDBFoundatio

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Slides are here, but they're pretty useless without the video of me speaking (I try not to do wall-of-text slides that I'm just reading if I can help it): speakerdeck.com/dbart/building

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My "Building MariaDB" talk went "live" at 8:00AM US Eastern time on YouTube. Weird sitting there watching and being an attendee at my own talk. It's on YouTube here: youtu.be/aqlP72dDAFY

Day 7 of being more grateful. Today is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. Historically this is a day to spend with extended family. Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents when I was younger. Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Nephews, and Nieces now. I miss you guys, grateful you're safe and wish we could be together, hopefully next year.

Day 6 of trying to have more gratitude for things. Today I'm grateful that of the people I work directly with, they have all, afaik, been able to stay healthy. Esp my manager, who has just returned to work after undergoing chemo for the last few months. 🎉

Getting set up to record a short presentation for a virtual conference this morning. It's all a bit precarious, and the workbench ended up having quite the mess on it due to everything I was moving around

It's day 5 of trying to be more grateful for things. Today I'm thankful my local weather has been nice the past few days. The weather has been getting colder, but not so cold here to curtail walking and other outdoor activities.

Day 4 of trying to be more grateful. Today I want to say thank you to the helpers. Especially the doctors, nurses, and technicians that are working so hard to fight this pandemic. They're amazing, and so much of what they do is out of the public eye, but very necessary.

Being more grateful, day 3. Today I'm making a point to say thank you to the closest IRL people in my life. My spouse and my kids. I'm very lucky to have them.

Day 2 of trying to have more gratitude. Today I'd like to say thank you to all the programmers, volunteer and paid who have made my career possible. Especially the open source ones, but we don't live in a perfect world, and I'm still thankful for the devices I use and enjoy that happen to be closed source.

Time for some gratitude I think, what with the US Thanksgiving holiday coming up next Thursday. There's a lot that has sucked this year, but if you're reading this, you're still here, and so am I, and I'm grateful for that.

@libreoffice 7 is awesome, I just wish they had actual repositories so I could get updates in my package manager (apt) automatically.

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MariaDB 10.5 is now stable and one of the headlining new features is the inclusion of MariaDB ColumnStore. If you want to give it a try, there's a new Getting Started page with lots of good information: mariadb.com/docs/solutions/col

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