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If you are encountering an issue with open source software you could either:
(1) Talk about it with its developers in a respectful manner
(2) Be a dick about it in public

Don't expect anyone to take you serious or help you in any way if you decide to go (2)

I have accidentally ended up on the blue bird site a few times recently after following links from the guardian. All I can say is that place is toxic. I'm so glad I left.

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We simply cannot say this enough:

1. Turn off your location services.
2. Turn off your phone completely when you don’t need it on.

WE are allowing THEM to create a virtual police state. #COVID19 tracking is simply a building block of systemic real-time civilian surveillance.

At the heart of this technology is money, not altruism. These companies are not non-profits. Their profit ≠ your freedom.

You control your #privacy through your choices.

#ios #android

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isolating zoom on linux (easy) 

How to isolate zoom from doing too much nasty shit on your linux system, the easy way:

install firejail ("sudo apt install firejail" or whatever command it is for your distro you nerd).

Only run zoom with this command from now on (maybe even uninstall your current zoom and re-run it with this) "firejail zoom".

Done! You may wanna make a new menu icon or executable for running Zoom in a sandbox, so you don't accidentally launch it normally again.

Those of you real nerds will have noticed that I didn't suggest making a new firejail config or anything, that's because the latest firejail comes with a suggested zoom config by default! No extra work required!


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I have lots of ability and time right now, but now ideas. :blobthinkingeyes:

I'd like to start a side project that has the potential to make money or become a business, and now seems like a good time to start that, but again, no ideas.

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I used the neural net GPT-2 to generate some April Fools pranks.

conveniently they're all pranks you play on yourself. or possibly solo performance art.

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in the future, basically all websites will be full of unblockable ads and/or implemented entirely in ultra-fucked webassembly/opengl, and the tech-savvy will browse the web entirely through cat & mouse proxy servers running headless browsers to OCR the inaccessible content back into old-fashioned normal HTML and illegally redistribute it through peer-to-peer networks

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- Knock Knock!

- An async function

- Who's there?

I've got to write 8 questions for a (virtual) pub quiz. It's tricky to make them hard enough so people can guess them, but not too hard that they're impossible.

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**Faster way to replace bad info in networks**

"Researchers have demonstrated a new model of how competing pieces of information spread in online social networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). The findings could be used to disseminate accurate information more quickly, displacing false information about anything from computer security to public health."

#science #news #bot

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As the COVID-19 outbreak forces most companies to collaborate remotely, more people are turning to tools like Zoom. If you’re using Zoom, you may want to be aware of these concerning privacy practices.

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Looking for a project? Launching now:
Our Fix-The-Internet Spring Lab.

An 8wk #hackathon style program for students, coders & more to build MVP products that make the internet better. $2,500 stipend per participant + prizes. 👇 tweeted by @mozilla

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When you are sleeping, you consolidate memories of the day. When you take a break, you recover energy for the next unit of work. When you don't push your mind to look outside, it has a chance to look inside.

Dismissing boredom as symptom of a lack of inspiration is shortsighted. Boredom can be part of a pretty creative and productive cycle, too. But it is everyone's choice whether to participate in such a cycle.

A few ideas for online volunteer opportunities, if you're stuck at home and want to donate time to worthy causes:

Donate your voice or help with validating submissions:

Contribute to Wikipedia:

Contribute to science research projects:

Donate skills to cancer charities:

Various home based volunteering opportunities:

Take part in Citizen Science:

A year without conferences
“You can’t just suddenly make a conference be online.” why not?

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I know the headline is "NPM joins GitHub", but it's hard not to read it as "Microsoft acquires Javascript"

How did Microsoft go from hating open source and wanting to destroy it, to now owning the two biggest centralised repositories and hubs for open source development?

I just tuned in to a PWA meetup being hosted by Samsung. I'm all in on PWA, but I am worried it won't get the support it deserves from Apple. The experience is definitely second-class on iOS and I don't see they have any incentive to change that while their app store dominates. PWA needs to be standard on all platforms for it to succeed.

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