@bumbervevo in Ableton you can use a combination of midi filters to make pretty piano noises with only one key 😋

@nebunez @syntax since I discovered tailwind I've hardly written any CSS or sass. Problem with CSS is that it ends up "append only" lol. Tailwind manages the dependency between HTML and CSS by putting it all in the html. I've found that to be much simpler than bem/smacs or any other effort to manage css.

@hrodnand can you get the data you need from their API?

@tomosaigon I can get a zip from GitHub by adding archive/master.zip on the end of the repo URL. Is there similar for gzip?

@blueberry turn to the internet for that question? The internet, that well known cure for procrastination? Lol 😀

Today I learned that zip unpacking requires random access. So it can't be used with streaming in node.js without buffering the whole file. My use case involves downloading data file using the master.zip from a GitHub repo URL. Can I get a different archive format? One that is compatible with streaming and pipe in node?

@basil @gray I hadn't seen forestry before. Interesting. In the last 10 years I moved from Drupal to Jekyll to WordPress. I regret that last move. I'm going back to a ssg with Gridsome.

@yarmo it's not self hosted, but you can create a monitor quite easily with pipedream pipedream.com/ useful for simple stuff and glueing automations together

@ycyas maybe I could make a new browser that pulls the content from websites/APIs but let's me decide how it gets presented to me?

I'm excited because now I don't have to build a backend for my next project

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@danny nice one. I've been thinking about migrating off GitHub. is gitolite still a thing? Or did you use gitlab? Or something else to make hosting it easier?

I had a look at Hasura to see what all the hype is about. I think I've seen the future. An open source graphql/database/backend toolkit with firebase-like features. I'm excited.

@fribbledom I nearly didn't read the article. I was about to dismiss it as click bate because of the title. I gave it a chance (thinking fediverse isn't usually prone to clickbait) and I'm glad I did. Nice article. Shame about the title.

@lopeztel oh, I thought openmediavault was an alternative os I would download and flash to the pi. I'll take another look

@lopeztel would you recommend using over a standard pi os?

@lopeztel I'm using passive cooling on my pi hole. This heatsink case to be precise:
I've not noticed any issues, but it's not under heavy load.

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