@alexbuzzbee and the WiFi works without sudo restarting something? 👏

@Archer786 yeah I'll probably go with one of the more user friendly OS options if I'm donating it. Rather than my default of arch linux

@jordan31 I upgraded my main computer gfx card recently so I have a spare gtx 770 I can stick in it. It's an i3 2nd gen. So quite old but dual core 3.1Ghz with hyperthreading... And it does have 8GB memory. I've started cleaning it up. The fans were clogged up with dust and the CPU heatsink needed a good clean too.

@blueberry I have my password generator set to 20 characters. I occasionally find a site that complains password is too long when I register

@Mundon i.e. take a photo, with something in the photo you know the exact size of. Load the photo into fSpy and work out the other dimensions based off the know object.

@Mundon me neither... You might be able to do it with fSpy. I've used it before but not for this use case.

I rescued an old computer from the dump. Thinking of restoring it and giving away or selling. It's an old core i3. I think if I replace the hard drive with an SSD it would be usable for someone?

@garritfra I sometimes get headaches but I think it's dehydration from forgetting to drink water while I'm sat working all day

@goldfinch I'm locked in too. I dual boot with Arch Linux but I need to keep Hackintosh for building and publishing iOS apps with xcode, and for Ableton and my array of soft synths and samplers

@stuts trying to break the internet?&&### no! Of course not. &&### -- drop table users;

@paleobiologist I like the raspberry pi heatsink case from pimoroni. I've got two of these cases, one for my pihole (that's running 24/7) and one for the other pi I use for tinkering

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