Please stop with the auto playing videos that cover part of the screen on mobile, when I'm trying to read an article on your news site. I'm trying to ignore the video, it seems irrelevant. Just let me read the article I was linked to. This is total disrespect for your users.

@daz I heavily recommend running and making sure your mobile uses it.
You can do this both on your local network and remotely e.g. through Wireguard tunnel using

That kills all annoying videos and ads in majority of articles.

#pi-hole #PiVPN #Wireguard

@daz not even speaking about that in some countries like Canada mobile internet is quite expensive, spitting in the face of visitor with auto-playing video is no-no.

Maybe install a text only Web-Browser (no fotos and videos).

@ycyas maybe I could make a new browser that pulls the content from websites/APIs but let's me decide how it gets presented to me?

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