I'm looking for a Foss solution for backing up all our family photos. Preferably with Android apps and something I can host on my home network.

@yarmo seafile looks interesting. I hadn't come across that before. Thanks

@daz @yarmo
But Nextcloud or Seafile aren't technically a backup solution, as far as I understand it?

An alternative would be .

@normandc @daz I suppose so! I use nextcloud to backup my photos to my private server in my home. But it's true, if you only want backups, is also great, you could even automatically backup to several locations, like an extra copy on your computer.

Remember, one backup is no backup 😉

@daz the Nextcloud client for mobile has a neat autoupload feature that automatically sends pictures and videos to your Nextcloud server.

@daz I use Syncthing to mirror my whole phone to my computer. You can set up folders with various rules for different users.

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