Posting some pictures in the coming days from old computer tech I build roughly 35 years ago when 6502 and Z80 were the hotness (and to a lesser degree 8080, 8085 and 6800).

The core of my CPM 2.2 system. Z80 CPU, 64k memory, 4k EEPROM containing boot code and CPM BIOS moved into bank switched additional memory on a different card. Nominally running at 4MHz, however ran with 5MHz. Everything hand wired and soldered.

Again, build about 35 years ago.
192Kb dynamic RAM card. Top-level 1Kb from CPU 64Kb bank is shared between all banks (for bank switching). Most of the CPM BIOS was running in this card. The roughly 160Kb remaining was used as a RAM floppy drive.


@chairraver I'll file these under "strangely satisfying photos"

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