Over the last 10 years I've moved my personal website from Drupal, to Jekyll, to WordPress. I'm done with self hosting wordpress. I'm done with trying to keep a Linode online. I'm thinking of moving back to Jekyll, but with the proliferation of static site generators now, I'm wondering if that's the best choice?

@daz it depends on the content do you have a lo of posts? I am currently trying Ghost, previously I ran WordPress blog and I used to also have a Jekyll blog.

@null0x0 I want to bring archive of old posts, but most are irrelevant these days (I didn't bother putting them on my current site). I have a few popular articles from Medium I want to move over. I've been quiet for the past couple of years, but I plan on writing more this year. Mainly tech posts with code snippets. I've never found an efficient way of working with code samples. I'd like to quote inline, link to GitHub, and maybe live codesandbox links. If that could all be automated

@daz try Minimal mistakes theme on Jekyll it supports a lot of stuff you want and export content to Jekyll. ;)

@daz I have similar plans for my blogs I hope I commit to it rather than thinking and procrastinating 😇

@wizzwizz4 @daz +1 I have too! It's faster than Jekyll for bigger sites(I think)

@wizzwizz4 @daz I'm pretty happy with Hugo, it's solid software.

I build my cv with it (, link to GitHub repo on the top left corner) and plan to migrate my Jekyll blog ( to Hugo soon.

For hosting I use Netlify which supports latest Hugo stable version.

@daz Jekyll has a lot of plugins and is supported by a lot of other platforms. So you can even host your site for free on GitHub Pages and they'll run Jekyll on it.

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