Hello! I'm so this is my toot. My name is Daz. I joined the fosstodon server as I'm an open-source developer, particularly interested in projects around interoperability. I created the Cyril programming language for live coding 3d visuals, and I do a bit of music production. My site has a few details, but I'm planning to rebuild it and get back to blogging a bit more. Look forward to tooting with you! (Is that what it's referred too?)

@daz WELCOME! I too am a n00b😂 but in the short time i've been here i have ben welcomed soooo much by the community, I abso frickin lutedly love it!! So because of the 3d stuff.. are you into Video production at all??

@donteaford I don't do any video production stuff no. But I have played around with Blender. It's an awesome project. So impressive. Do you use it?

@daz yes, I love . I was the lead broadcast engineer at 2 different OTA Digital television stations in Houston so Im familiar with all of the video post production software like avid, adobe, blender, cinema4d, nuke, etc.

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