I rescued an old computer from the dump. Thinking of restoring it and giving away or selling. It's an old core i3. I think if I replace the hard drive with an SSD it would be usable for someone?

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Next FOSDEM: 6 & 7 February 2021, online

FOSDEM 2021 will take place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2021 as an online event.

Please bear with us while we work out the specifics. Further details and calls for participation will be announced in the coming weeks.

Today I learned that zip unpacking requires random access. So it can't be used with streaming in node.js without buffering the whole file. My use case involves downloading data file using the master.zip from a GitHub repo URL. Can I get a different archive format? One that is compatible with streaming and pipe in node?

I'm excited because now I don't have to build a backend for my next project

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I had a look at Hasura to see what all the hype is about. I think I've seen the future. An open source graphql/database/backend toolkit with firebase-like features. I'm excited.

Please stop with the auto playing videos that cover part of the screen on mobile, when I'm trying to read an article on your news site. I'm trying to ignore the video, it seems irrelevant. Just let me read the article I was linked to. This is total disrespect for your users.

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**How does Earth sustain its magnetic field?**

"Life as we know it could not exist without Earth's magnetic field and its ability to deflect dangerous ionizing particles. It is continuously generated by the motion of liquid iron in Earth's outer core, a phenomenon called the geodynamo. Despite its fundamental importance, many questions remain unanswered about…"


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@sagethesagesage @bumbervevo I read after buying that they made models with two different WiFi cards. One was supported natively in Linux, one not. Also I never managed to get the separate GPU working without the laptop getting really hot. So I just settled for using the igpu. Which is fine for coding. And I use i3 with no fancy graphics.

I see a lot of people already half way through and I'm still procrastinating about starting. Now I'm exporting and converting my old medium posts as part of the process of going back to a static site generator for my site. Also f#@*k medium.

This 8gb with an nvme SSD is pretty sweet. Probably could have got a decent secondhand computer for the amount I've spent now... But this is definitely more fun.

I think I'll give this thing a try when I've finished converting my blog from wordpress back to a static site generator. I just need to stop procrastinating by trying every SSG out there until I find the one I like best

Massive Facebook boycott? There's hope that 2020 won't be all bad after all

The game I made for playing with friends during lockdown is getting played all over the world. I hope everyone has painfully large belly laughs like I do each time we play jots.club

I'm looking for a Foss solution for backing up all our family photos. Preferably with Android apps and something I can host on my home network.

A while back some guy forked one of my repos, removed the fork history and rebranded it his own. I just checked back and he's finally added my attribution back in. I wonder if he'll port over my latest improvements.

I dual boot hackintosh to use Ableton live. The latest Apple news is making me think about what to do once they drop support for intel?

I had a play with cloudflare workers for the first time. I'm impressed. Downside is that it's not a standard node runtime, but super fast startup time compared to gcp cloud functions.

I made a game to play with friends on zoom during lockdown. They loved it so much I was persuaded to release it as an app too: jots.club - if you're looking for a funny game to play with friends, give it a try. I'd love more feedback if you play it. Thanks!

What's better? Perfect code, or crappy code with tests?

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But 5G doesn't give you cancer. It won't make you sick. And...god, I am getting stupider just thinking about typing this, coronavirus is not a false-flag op to disguise the illnesses that 5G is secretly creating.

The reason I have to mention that is that the conspiracyverse is full of that specific theory, and it's inspiring people to COMMIT ARSON and torch 5G towers.

No, seriously.


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