Hey, are you a , , , or generally involved in free, open-source software? I'm looking for some input on how to attract good and designers to volunteer positions for free software projects. Articles, anecdotes, audio-visual presentations; I'll take any help, advice, or direction you can share with me.


Here's the rub:

(if you haven't heard) is an awesome, yet still young and growing, live streaming alternative to Twitch/Youtube/etc. There is a small but mighty community regularly using Owncast to stream a variety of content, and development is marching on ( is otw! :ablobcatbongo: )

However, the project is in need of design help. That's why I'm forwarding the call for designers.


So, if you are a designer, know a designer, or have some advice to share on successful design in a free software project, then please share some info in this thread. Or, even better, reach out to me or @gabek@mastodon.social directly if that works for you.

Personally, I love this project and want to see it succeed. But, as we all know, user experience is the most important part of a successful project. So let's make this happen!



@nebunez @gabek@mastodon.social does need some design improvement for it to compete with youtube or twitch.

@davidskg10 @gabek@mastodon.social I agree! Do you know where we can find some help?

@nebunez @gabek@mastodon.social I'll check with some people I know.

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