What do you guys usually eat at breakfast?

@davidskg10 ok its not just plain bread xD

usually with butter and some jam, honey, cheese, whatever i find in the fridge

@davidskg10 No diet, I just don't eat breakfast most of the time

@davidskg10 two hard boiled eggs or a bowl of muesli. Sometimes both if my day is one of much physical activity.


A bannana; greek yogurt; orange juice; and usually leftovers from the previous night.

@davidskg10 I never consistently eat the same thing.

I usually rotate between: a quiche, porridge, a croissant, carrot cake, a banana, fruit salad

I do almost always have coffee though (decaf)

@davidskg10 Bread, it's what I've always eaten for breakfast, apart from when we were in canada for 3 weeks, I had so enough from sweet breakfast.

@mart lol, I have to search that one. Looks delicious!!!!

@davidskg10 Caffè latte and a sandwich with leverpastej (a paté spread) and sweet pickle; or black coffee and eggs and kaviar (a roe spread) on knäckebröd (crispbread).

What do you have? 🙂

@davidskg10 During the week, a couple of fried eggs, sometimes in between two slices of bread. During the weekends, usually cold cereal or cheesy grits.

@davidskg10 porridge. I cook it on the stove for 20 minutes. I add raisins at the beginning of the cooking so they are soft and plump when it's time to eat. And I've started adding green leafy veggies (swiss chard, kale - but kale means I have to start cooking the kale 10 minutes ahead of time). I have a small handful of nuts, to complete the protein with the grain (oatmeal). And some fruit - often berries, often bananas, sometimes both. And fresh-squeezed citrus (orange or grapefruit).

@davidskg10 milk, bread, cheese, honey and fruits. Eventually, Granola and cereals.

@davidskg10 an apple cut into pieces, a couple of spoons of muesli on top of that, some cinnamon and then 2minutes in the microwave. Cover with some low-fat yoghurt and 🎉

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