Hey guys, I'm currently building privasim where it helps students learn data privacy better through game-based learning. It's also a FOSS.

I've been trying to build it with my own funds every since but the fund is now short.

I did my research and most FOSS projects are experiencing this where the only income is through donation.

I tried to do that but it has not helped a bit.

So instead, I have devised a plan to benefit and give value to other FOSS projects and Non--profit groups.

I have organized a fundraising campaign for non-profit and open-source projects through NFTs.

'Stop Tracking Me' is the title of the project where it also spread privacy awareness.

80% of the collection will be given to non-profit and open-source projects in which will participate. There will be no minting fee as this is a fundraising campaign.

I have assembled different teams that also have the same goal.

This will help all of us continue our work on FOSS projects at the same time.

If you are interested, please feel free to dm me or toot me.

Here are the teams currently onboard.


We have more teams to announce soon. All of our projects are free and open source. The best part is we will never track users.

@davidskg10 I have seen your website and I can only say one thing. Do not try to reccomend a vpn. Even if you are, use open source vpn's like proton vpn or Mullvad VPN. I would reccomend tor and orbot on android. Tor on every desktop as trust is a huge factor in these vpn's and we have seen it being abused a lot


@XxAlexXx Thank you! Surfshark has been my source of fund but there has indeed issues with them. I'll do the changes soon.

@davidskg10 Do note that transparency is a must and you should include that in your reccomendations as reccomendation is different than promotion and you should say that your being paid when your reccomending them. If the privacy community found that you reccomended them something while not telling that your also being paid. They will grill you. Trust me.

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